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MORTUARIES, Eng. law. These are a sort of ecclesiastical heriots, being a customary gift claimed by and due to the minister, in many parishes, on the death of the parishioner. 2 Bl. Com. 425.

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The person who requires so much typographic space was at this time occupying an area five feet six in length by thirty-six inches in width in a bed, his head adorned with a cotton night-cap tied on by flame-colored ribbons; attended by Despleins, the King's surgeon, and young doctor Bianchon, flanked by two old female relatives, surrounded by phials of all kinds, bandages, appliances, and various mortuary instruments, and watched over by the curate of Saint-Roch, who was advising him to think of his salvation.
Taipei City's Mortuary Services Office has installed a WiFi network (FBM-WIFI) in the Jing Yang Building of the Second Mortuary Parlor via which funerals can be webcast for mourners who cannot attend the ceremony in person to view the funeral in real time and wish to leave messages of condolences, the Mortuary Services Office said in a news release last week.
Sixteen unclaimed bodies many of them murder victims are lying at the Moi County Referral Hospital mortuary in Voi, Taita Taveta county, human rights activists say.
Lost organs and damage to body parts are among incidents reported by mortuary staff at Leicestershire Hospitals.
Arrangements by Musgrove Family Mortuary in Eugene.
By BENSON AMADALAbrThe unclaimed bodies at the Kakamega County General Hospital mortuary have overcrowded the facility and are threatening to disrupt services.
THE family of a man who died in an accident have had an apology from the Scottish Government after they had to identify his body in a "derelict" mortuary.
Interestingly, the Pakistan team avoided visiting the mortuary where the bodies of four unidentified terrorists have been kept from last three months.
The Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operations mission is slowing down--at least compared to the tempo they worked in the decade after the turn of the 21st century.
KARACHI -- With the blazing sun coming down on the port city, the temperature continues to soar leading to more deaths mainly due to heatstroke as more bodies were brought in the Edhis mortuary in Karachis Sohrab Goth, volunteers of Edhi Ambulance service said here Monday.
Karachi: Edhi Foundation mortuary, the largest facility in the city, reached its full capacity on Sunday as 150 bodies were brought by relatives to avoid rapid decomposition amid the ongoing heat wave.