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MORTUARIES, Eng. law. These are a sort of ecclesiastical heriots, being a customary gift claimed by and due to the minister, in many parishes, on the death of the parishioner. 2 Bl. Com. 425.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The person who requires so much typographic space was at this time occupying an area five feet six in length by thirty-six inches in width in a bed, his head adorned with a cotton night-cap tied on by flame-colored ribbons; attended by Despleins, the King's surgeon, and young doctor Bianchon, flanked by two old female relatives, surrounded by phials of all kinds, bandages, appliances, and various mortuary instruments, and watched over by the curate of Saint-Roch, who was advising him to think of his salvation.
We will invite the workers of the hospital, especially those working at the mortuary section,'
The Yuchengco group is betting bigger on the 'afterlife' services business with a deal to take 63-percent control of mortuary servicing firm La Funeraria Paz-Sucat Inc.
The recent mishap at City Mortuary involving the handling of remains of Ms Caroline Mwatha raises serious issues about how we process bodies.
THE Eternal Chapels Mortuary and Chapel Services in Cagayan de Oro City marked its first anniversary on July 27, 2018.
to noon Wednesday at the Musgrove Family Mortuary in Eugene.
THE family of a man who died in an accident have had an apology from the Scottish Government after they had to identify his body in a "derelict" mortuary.
A MORTUARY worker was suspended after a grieving family cremated the wrong body due to a mixup.
SHOCKED staff at a mortuary were horrified when a dead body showed possible signs of life.
What the Gazette Letter writer failed to explain (although to be fair they may not have been aware of) is that the Saltburn Mortuary, pictured, was going to be offered to the market over five years ago.
But her trip to the mortuary not only gave her the background detail to ensure her plot rang helped inspire her best-known character.
For her compassion, dedication and advocacy, she has been named the November 2011 recipient of the O'Connor Mortuary Heart & Soul Award.