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It is concluded that MOS improved the overall performance, relative weight of lymphoid organs and gut histomorphology in broiler chicks during the finisher phase.
AIR MOS RICE BURGER is the product of a second collaboration between JAL and MOS Burger and is said to be in response to positive reviews from customers after the introduction of the first, AIR MOS BURGER which was a version of the company's trademark Teriyaki Beef Burger between June and November last year.
In October 1987, MOS 286A was converted to MOS 256A, communications-electronics repair technician, which also eventually subsumed MOS 257A, data processing systems repair technician two years later.
The seventh bullet should read, "Administer 3 additional hepatitis B vaccine doses with single-antigen vaccine at ages 1, 2-3, and 6 mos or hepatitis B-containing combination vaccine at ages 2, 4, and 6 mos (Pediarix) or 2, 4, and 12-15 mos (Comvax).
* MOS 98Cs (former 98Cs who need OPELINT skills) can attend FUSE 1100 and SIGE3110DV to receive credit for transition training.
Mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS), extracted from yeast cell wall, are not hydrolyzed by the host enzymes and are fermented by intestinal microbiota (Flickinger and Fahey, 2002).
The vegetables are produced by MOS BURGER s contracted farmers in Japan and carefully selected by MOS BURGER.
Recently, a Military Occupational Classification Specialty action was developed to address several shortfalls within the current Signal warrant officer MOS structure to include the current Average Grade Distribution Matrix and the gaps within the current duties and responsibilities of each MOS.
On 8 October 2004, Major General Ralston, then Director of Force Management, issued a memorandum directing that language contracts for active component MOS 97E Initial Entry Soldiers be eliminated effective 1 October 2004.
MOS 96B increases from 4088 to 5652, MOS 96D decreases from 820 to 796, and MOS 96H increases from 694 to 738.
The AIR MOS series, a collaborated effort between JAL and MOS BURGER, launched in 2011 and has featured innovative menus such as the Teriyaki Burger, Yakiniku Rice Burger, and Cream Cheese Teriyaki Burger.
Kgosi Moses o rotloeditse badiri go tswelela ka lenaneo la bone la go itshidila ka le nale seabe mo go tokafatseng botlhaga, botsalano le go nna kutlo mo tirong.