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Hunt groaned in spirit at the incessant and unreasonable demands of these worthies upon his purse; yet with all this outlay of funds, the number recruited was but scanty, and many of the most desirable still held themselves aloof, and were not to be caught by a golden bait.
Llantwit Major is named as the most desirable place to live in in South Wales; a village on Anglesey was named the best postcode in Wales There's Whitchurch in CardiffEmma Mainwaring People's views on desirable are different.
South Glasgow (G44) was top in Scotland, followed by Erskine (PA8) and Largs (KA30), while Brynteg on Anglesey (LL78) was said to have the most desirable postcode in Wales, followed by Llantwit Major (CF61) and Llanidloes (SY18).
Wales' most desirable postcode is a tiny village on Anglesey PEOPLE'S views on desirable are different.
IT might only boast a pub, petrol station and chapel, surrounded by a modest scattering of houses, but the village Brynteg on Anglesey can lay claim to the title of Wales's most desirable postcode.
Washington, Dec 30 (ANI): Tim Tebow was voted as the most desirable celebrity to have next door, while the cast of Jersey Shore was chosen as the least desirable neighbours, in a poll conducted by a real estate website.
The town was ranked number nine in a survey of the most desirable places on Britain's shores.
A PICTURESQUE village in Dorset that boasts three pubs, a tea room and a 180ft naked chalk giant has been named the most desirable place to live in Britain.
Synopsis: Of 20 different attributes that the next president might have, Americans say the most desirable would be to bring change to Washington.
Its unique three-story glass atrium and prime Fifth Avenue location make it among the most desirable retail spaces in the world.
As the purpose of the screening is to prevent the births of children "who supposedly would be an unjustified burden on their parents and on society," Lea Sevcik even foresees a future in which "the world is run by those who have been genetically screened for the most desirable characteristics.

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