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He was called the smartest and most trusty fel- low, who had this honor conferred upon him the most frequently. The competitors for this office sought as diligently to please their overseers, as the office-seekers in the political parties seek to please and deceive the people.
Another significant observation was that in contrast to the waggle dances, which occurred during the day when bees are foraging, the whoop signal occurred most frequently at night.
Challengers are most frequently parents of school-aged children, but historically, they have also been school administrators, school board members, community members, and teachers.
* Frequently used techniques/systems for electronic attacks: identifies techniques/systems which are most frequently used for electronic attacks
Among the 25 new programs and policies in the database: (1) Of the 17 core strategies, the one most frequently used by new programs and policies is career education and workforce readiness (17 programs and policies); (2) All 17 core strategies in the database are being implemented by at least one new program or policy; (3) The service goal most frequently targeted by new programs and policies is improving academic performance (21 programs and policies); and (4) The specific populations most frequently targeted by new programs and policies are students with academic needs and students with behavioral needs (7 programs and policies each).
It most frequently develops during childhood, and some kids outgrow it.
By far the most frequently reported site of usual health care was a primary care provider; 47% of respondents gave this reply.
Not only is this ethical principle highly valued because of our culture's emphasis on individualism, but it is the ethical issue that is transgressed upon most frequently. This is often because clinicians are unable to disentangle a case's ethical implications from today's medicolegal environment.
For me, the trick lies in using a system of 3-ring binders and folders for our most frequently required tasks.
Musical elements that occur most frequently in their works are traditional scales and modes, melodic references to Korean folk songs and dance music, as well as unique rhythmic patterns and innovative ornamentation.
Applying the whole person concept most frequently results in deferred attrition.
"These two measures in particular represent common sense improvements that would remove some of the most frequently cited obstacles to our members' ability to respond to OSHA following a citation," said Wilson.

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