most important character

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The most important character has not yet appeared on the scene.
The most important character trait that will follow you is your track record of unwavering honesty with everyone.
Blunt would actually be the most important character if the movie were to adapt the latest "Devil Wears Prada" sequel.
Shelby: I think one of the most important character traits is perseverance.
The most important character of these creatures was the progressive expansion, elaboration and evolution of their brain.
The impulse to stay current and broaden their horizons is one of the most important character traits of professional engineers.
There will be a wicked enchantress, an immortal flower fairy, some rather vicious sisters, a couple of beauticians, a handsome prince, a beautiful young girl and of course, perhaps the most important character - the Beast.
It has been said that the most important character in any story is the reader.
She tests which of the standard methodologies currently used by biblical scholars can best help modern readers understand the character of God, who is both the single most important character in the Hebrew Bible narrative and absent from most of it.
Why do you see this moment as important crucial?" (281) "Who is the most important character in the story?
Secondly this version, though heavily bowdlerised, keeps the narrator - Thackery's most important character - to make snide remarks and back-handed compliments.
Kolya, who symbolizes freedom and repression at the same time, is without doubt the most important character. When Russia is in control of Czechoslovakia, he reflects the repression which the Czechs feel and the power which the Soviets have over them.

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