most important point

See: emphasis
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Not least is that the most important point in any plans for education must be that all our children get the very best education they possibly can.
You are bombarded by "do" and "don't" messages that really miss the most important point about diet and health: it's your whole diet that counts.
I've just read through the Special Feature: Presentation Systems ["Innovation Across the Campus," August], and while it makes important points about technology, it misses the most important point about integrating technology into a university setting and the effects of disruptive technologies on teaching and the university culture.
Perhaps the most important point to remember is that you must choose someone who you know has your best interest at heart--and the best way to do that is to interview several advisors who were referred to you by satisfied friends or business associates.
Thomas Toch made some important points in his November article, "Bush's Big Test," but he missed the most important point of about 100 years of futile attempts to make the current K-12 governance and funding process produce even tolerable education outcomes, much less movement towards excellence.
The goal, in other words, is to create a setting that posits the artist himself as its most important point of reference--one in which his desires, expressed in a form similar to the technique of psychic automatism, are the highways along which all objects circulate, even in those cases where their autonomy is not radical but functions in relation to a preexisting reality (sometimes even alluding to political matters, as in Lebannon War, 1983).
He pointed out that I had missed the most important point in effectively managing industrial wastes.