most important point

See: emphasis
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however, the most important point is that Everton - with 10 men for most of the match when the outcome was still undecided - lost three points which at the end of the season could be very costly.
'Iran's location in vicinity of the countries, which have no access to free waters, has helped establishment of means of access of all north countries to southern warm waters and of eastern countries to western countries.' The Islamic Republic of Iran is the most important point connecting north-south and east-west corridors, said Mehman-Parast, adding that the project has started and the ground for Silk Road revival has been prepared within the ECO framework.
Not least is that the most important point in any plans for education must be that all our children get the very best education they possibly can.
The most important point McManus makes during the presentation, though, is in emphasizing that the invasion across the Mexican border is not an accident.
Comment The most important point of the survey appears to be the need for Christianity not to be driven out of contemporary culture, and to fight back with all means available.
You are bombarded by "do" and "don't" messages that really miss the most important point about diet and health: it's your whole diet that counts.
To be sure, they constitute for Poliziano the most important point of reference for literary memory.
I've just read through the Special Feature: Presentation Systems ["Innovation Across the Campus," August], and while it makes important points about technology, it misses the most important point about integrating technology into a university setting and the effects of disruptive technologies on teaching and the university culture.
The most important point, however, appears to be the back-door merger with Pontypridd and Rhondda Trust.
Perhaps the most important point to remember is that you must choose someone who you know has your best interest at heart--and the best way to do that is to interview several advisors who were referred to you by satisfied friends or business associates.
No matter which method you use, the most important point is to make sure anyone can easily see and understand your efforts.
Those who see Tolkien's trilogy as merely a series of dramatic battles against evil forces, fail to understand Tolkien's most important point, which hits home as the first film in this trilogy concludes.