most powerful

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This, of all others, is the most powerful, most universal, and most attractive source of popular obedience and attachment.
Whenever you are ready," he added, "send me word and I will march with eighteen thousand of my most powerful warriors to your aid.
Of short-stories he is the most powerful recent writer, as witness 'The Man Who Would Be King,' 'The Man Who Was,' 'Without Benefit of Clergy,' and
This is the image of the Great Queen, and the most powerful thing the white men know," he said, solemnly.
Forbes Middle East has unveiled the names of its Most Powerful Arab Women for 2015 ranking, in a Thursday press statement.
Why he's powerful: Parsons oversees one of the world's most powerful media companies, and his decisions affect what billions worldwide will watch in movie theaters, on television, on the Internet, and on other digital media.
In the music students I studied, and consistent with social learning research, performance accomplishments were the most powerful source of self-efficacy for managing anxiety.
I would argue that Southwest Airlines is one of the most powerful and positive brands in an industry that many customers love to hate: the airline industry.
IBM has delivered the world's most powerful unclassified supercomputer, which will conduct the basic scientific research that may lead to breakthroughs in fuel-efficient automobiles.
And the most powerful practitioners of this hatred do not deploy a hateful rhetoric.
I read "The 75 Most Powerful African Americans in Corporate America" (February 2005) with a pride that beyond words, your article confirms what I have been saying to friends and business associates years--that there are blacks in significant positions who can make a difference when it comes to opportunities black-owned businesses.

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