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Automated handling systems and equipment are also attracting little interest--17% in Europe and 14% in the mostly developing world have automated storage/retrieval systems in place, but none are looking to add them.
A "whole grain blend" can be mostly whole grain, mostly refined grain, or half and half.
A large area of mostly flat, low-lying land is called a --.
Second, the conservative ascendancy has been a mostly failed rearguard action against the continued momentum of the big government and socially fluid liberalism of the 1930s to '70s.
Chapter 2 argues that an apocalyptic understanding of Paul's theology (following mostly J.
Artists' groups of the '60s and '70s were organized mostly around public actions, adopting the protest style of the day.
In certain exercises, the student plays with both hands, mostly in parallel and contrary motion.
Almost all came from official sources, mostly in Asia.
Thrilling to drive past, the Hall's cladding plays a sophisticated game of concave and convex surfaces that, unlike the mostly opaque walls of the Baroque, contain reflections of light and sky and lead the eye out to newly framed aspects of adjacent buildings.
The book comprises three substantial chapters: the first ranges mostly over retrospective questions regarding the conditions of the Florentine economy in the decades following the mid-fourteenth-century crisis, and the "riconversione economica" of the late fourteenth and early fifteenth centuries.
While more than two-thirds of the children to those facilities are black, the facilities are typically located in areas that are mostly white.
His client base started with family and friends before branching off into advertising flyers stuffed into homeowner mailboxes, "but mostly it was by word of mouth.