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"Well, that's mostly because they don't like to go where a man's been murdered, anyway -- but nothing's ever been seen around that house except in the night -- just some blue lights slipping by the windows -- no regular ghosts."
At last a score or more, mostly men, remained where they were, speechless, staring, excited.
They belonged mostly to that class of realistic fiction which is called picaresque, from the Spanish word 'picaro,' a rogue, because it began in Spain with the 'Lazarillo de Tormes' of Diego de Mendoza, in 1553, and because its heroes are knavish serving-boys or similar characters whose unprincipled tricks and exploits formed the substance of the stories.
By far the finest of all the sonnets are the best ones (a considerable part) of Shakspere's one hundred and fifty-four, which were not published until 1609 but may have been mostly written before 1600.
It will be mostly cloudy in Bosnia and Herzegovina on Monday, with rain in the south, and snowfall in the rest of the country.
During the weekend it will stay warm and mostly sunny.
On August 29th and 30th (Thursday and Friday), the weather will remain unchanged - mostly sunny, in the afternoon on Friday with temporary increases in cloudiness, but with very little chance of showers.
Worthen confirms a clear "sexuality gap" between exclusive heterosexuals and all others as well as gender gaps among mostly heterosexual and lesbian, gay and bisexual students, though some gaps are in the opposite direction from the results expected.
Fifteen percent expressed a very positive attitude towards China, compared to 9 percent eight months ago, while 60 said their attitude was mostly positive.
Rain, showers and thunder mostly in the second half of the day.
Mostly Bs: It would appear that your experience of anxiety is something to keep an eye on.
They scrutinized 190 claims by Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, who has made fewer public appearances than Trump, rating 18.4 percent true, 32.6 percent mostly true, 23.7 percent half true, 12.1 percent mostly false, 10.5 percent false and 2.6 percent pants on fire.