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Well, that's mostly because they don't like to go where a man's been murdered, anyway -- but nothing's ever been seen around that house except in the night -- just some blue lights slipping by the windows -- no regular ghosts.
By far the finest of all the sonnets are the best ones (a considerable part) of Shakspere's one hundred and fifty-four, which were not published until 1609 but may have been mostly written before 1600.
The lowest morning air temperature mostly between 4 and 8 degrees.
Mostly Bs: It would appear that your experience of anxiety is something to keep an eye on.
Rated as mostly false were Trump's comments that Chicago has the toughest gun laws in the United States but more gun violence than any other city and that many people's health care costs are more than their mortgage or rent.
Mostly Medicaid contributed to two sessions at the event: "Evolving Approach to Medicaid Program Integrity" and "Are You Prepared for the Coming Age Wave.
A very small number, nine percent, say the economic news is mostly good, but that percentage has jumped three points since December.
Germans (36 per cent "good / mostly good") and Canadians (28 per cent) are somewhat more optimistic.
CARDIFF Today: Mostly dry and sunny, but perhaps cloudy at first in the east with a few freezing fog patches; max temp -1C, min -6C.
It created two waves of illness - the first mostly hit children while the second mostly affected the elderly.
Yep, you don't see too many bands like Mostly Autumn nowadays.