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The 53-year-old man has also been arrested on suspicion of theft of two vehicles and for driving without a valid licence, insurance or MOT.
Not only are drivers not putting anything aside to pay for the MOT, but they're also not taking any preventative measures to avoid facing a huge repair bill, with almost three quarters stating they do nothing.
Motorists are becoming increasingly sceptical about MOT tests that are carried out by repair shops.
The business now plans to expand its customer base and has introduced a diagnostic service to augment its MOT services.
But the trusting-to-luck method isn't working as more than 40 per cent of vehicles failed their MOT in 2011/12 - over 100,000 more than the previous year.
Euro Car Parts has urged motorists to do themselves a favour this year and prepare properly for an MOT, thereby cutting the cost of driving this year and giving cars a new lease of life at least for the next twelve months when that time of year comes around once again
These are often removed for the purpose of the MOT and then refitted onto the vehicle after it has had its examination.
Steve added: "As well as performing MOTs, I am able to draw on my expertise to carry out services and repairs and perform free vehicle checks.
Simply book online to get your MOT for only pounds 25.
All MoTs must be paid for in advance at time of booking.
Don't forget to cut out the voucher and hand it to the Kwik Fit centre manager on the day of your MOT.
Ed McVaney, an MOT staffer assigned to try to rework the Custer Battles contract, soon reported back to MOT chief Darrell Trent that Custer Battles had blown off his requests for information and disregarded demands to move the kennels and evict the Filipinos.