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The MOT plans also provided data on whether patients were involved in the development of their treatment plans and in the specification of the conditions.
* 12.8% of MOT fails are down to problems with lamps, reflectors and electrical equipment.
Other major reasons for cars failing the MoT test related to dangerously worn suspension components, damaged engines and broken exhausts.
According to The Drinks Business (12th December 2016), Mot's Brut Imperial label -- in 2019, celebrating its 150th anniversary -- accounts for 30 million bottles, trouncing the runner-up by one-third.
Of the 30,488,960 MOT tests taken nationwide, 10,001,293 (33 per cent) of these were fails and 20,487,667 (67 per cent) were passes.
MoT urges tourists and visitors not to drive their vehicles on green areas.
This compares with Camden, north London, where MoT and servicing costs are the second most expensive at [pounds sterling]228.17, followed by Braintree, Essex, with [pounds sterling]225.23, and Horsham, Surrey, [pounds sterling]216.39.
The website analysed new models given the all-clear when going for their first MOT, due three years after purchase.
The institute argues that scrapping MOT tests could save Britons PS250m a year on test fees and unnecessary repairs.
Cars with minor defects will be allowed to pass and the faults will be recorded - but those that fall into the dangerous or major categories will be subject to an automatic fail and the motorist not being legally allowed to drive away from an MOT garage.
Defects found during the MOT will be categorised as either dangerous, major or minor.