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This is more than double the number which would have been the case if registrations were spread evenly across the year and results in even greater demand for MOT appointments at this time of year.
Transport minister Baroness Sugg accepted that booking an MOT is "easy to overlook" but insisted they play an important role in "making sure the vehicles on our roads are safe and meeting high environmental standards".
LIGHTS Before heading to your MOT test, ensure that all exterior lights on your vehicle are working, replacing any that aren't.
The Government Digital Service also hailed the MOT testing service as one of the best agile projects in a recent review.
The 53-year-old man has also been arrested on suspicion of theft of two vehicles and for driving without a valid licence, insurance or MOT.
Motorists are becoming increasingly sceptical about MOT tests that are carried out by repair shops.
The business now plans to expand its customer base and has introduced a diagnostic service to augment its MOT services.
But the trusting-to-luck method isn't working as more than 40 per cent of vehicles failed their MOT in 2011/12 - over 100,000 more than the previous year.
New research from Kwik Fit, which carries out the most MoTs in the UK, suggests that a tenth of motorists never carry out a single check on their vehicle.
But just because something isn't part of the MOT does not mean it's road legal.
Recognizing that the MOT process was not successful and following publication of the New York Study (7) of Kendra's law in the summer of 2009, the General Assembly enacted a "step-down" MOT process in 2010 to permit a court to order mandatory outpatient commitment following a period of inpatient commitment if the treating physician certifies a number of factors at the time of discharge.
We completed over 150 MOTs last month and, as word gets out, we expect a substantial increase in footfall over the coming months.