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The motes danced in the sunshine; I regretted I had not written a letter instead of coming myself, and was thankful for the brightness of the day.
Dolly Varden's pretty little head was yet bewildered by various recollections of the party, and her bright eyes were yet dazzled by a crowd of images, dancing before them like motes in the sunbeams, among which the effigy of one partner in particular did especially figure, the same being a young coachmaker (a master in his own right) who had given her to understand, when he handed her into the chair at parting, that it was his fixed resolve to neglect his business from that time, and die slowly for the love of her-- Dolly's head, and eyes, and thoughts, and seven senses, were all in a state of flutter and confusion for which the party was accountable, although it was now three days old, when, as she was sitting listlessly at breakfast, reading all manner of fortunes
He was aware of motes and specks of suspicion in the atmosphere of that time; seen through which medium, Christopher Casby was a mere Inn signpost, without any Inn--an invitation to rest and be thankful, when there was no place to put up at, and nothing whatever to be thankful for.
Other motes there were which showed him as a heavy, selfish, drifting Booby, who, having stumbled, in the course of his unwieldy jostlings against other men, on the discovery that to get through life with ease and credit, he had but to hold his tongue, keep the bald part of his head well polished, and leave his hair alone, had had just cunning enough to seize the idea and stick to it.
Under the leadership of Bob Essner, a Lido Shores resident and retired pharmaceutical executive, Oceans of Opportunity: The Campaign for Mote Marine Laboratory has been significantly successful already.
Mote, of Binsted, Hampshire, was sentenced to a total of five years imprisonment at Southwark Crown Court yesterday.
Mote, of Binsted, Hampshire, was sentenced to five years imprisonment at Southwark Crown Court yesterday.
Mote spent some of the cash he stole on lawyers after being accused of benefit fraud.
Mote, 79, of Binsted, Hants, got nine months for a PS60,000 fraud in 2007.
Mote, of Binsted, Hampshire, was found guilty of four counts of obtaining a money transfer by deception, three of false accounting, two of fraud, and one each of acquiring criminal property, concealing criminal property and theft.
Mote Marine's coral nursery trees hold fragments of staghorn coral that hang like Christmas ornaments from monofilament fishing line.
The joint technology, combining IBM s Mote Runner software and Semtech s SX127x with LoRa, will be revealed at European Utility Week from 15-17 October in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.