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Mote types in cotton and their occurrence as related to variety, environment, position in lock, lock size, and number of locks per boll.
At Mote Science Education Aquarium, science is the attraction, as it is the heart of our mission," Crosby said.
Water is a precious resource, especially here in Florida," says Nadine Slimak of Mote," and so we've focused on reusing and recycling water and being as self sustainable as possible and using as little water as possible.
Mr Donne said Mote had worked tirelessly for the European Parliament, travelling extensively to meet his constituents as well as attending meetings and acting as a "thorn" in the side of the European Union by "exposing corruption".
Mote also surpassed the $1 million mark in career winnings in March and so far this year has won more than $80,000 - about $35,000 more than anyone else.
Healthy fisheries depend on healthy reefs," says Jason Wolf, the Florida Keys Development Officer for Sarasota-based Mote Marine.
Discussion with experts from Mote and Keep Sarasota County Beautiful.
IBM has put together a software development kit called Mote Runner, which delivers an open platform to link sensor and actuator motes, to make wireless sensor networks (WSN) easier to programme and use.
PLUMBER David Mote is a crooked lying cheat - and that's official.