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The other Welshman to represent his country in the competition was Company Sergeant Major Charles William Jones - the only non-officer in the Mother Country squad.
The other Welshman to represent his country was Company Sergeant Major Charles William Jones - the only nonofficer in the Mother Country squad.
Your mother country, India has been recognising and appreciating the valuable contribution of its diaspora by granting Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Awards to its distinguished diaspora members who have excelled in various fields.
The interactions certainly helped young people from India and the diaspora to have thoughtful insights into the economic, cultural and development horizons of their mother country.
After getting Louis' associates under his command, Nigel (Adam Godley) it seems had gone back to his mother country England to congratulate Prince Williams and Kate on becoming parents to a baby boy.
Following the Jubilee celebrations, and Olympic and Paralympic Games, which took place in the UK last year, recent research conducted by the agency shows that 60 percent of the country's population are more proud to be British now than ever, while around 20 percent of respondents are planning to take more breaks in England in 2013 as a result of renewed interest in their mother country.
Mr Shebani reiterated the Democratic Party's firm stand for the return of Libyan Jews to their mother country.
Now, almost 100 years on from the start of World War I, historians are uncovering scores of tales of brave soldiers like William who had built new lives with their families thousands of miles from Scotland but returned to fight for their mother country.
Interviewed upon their return in Doha, 14-year old Abdulaziz Ali Fakhroo, from Omar Bin Al Khatab Preparatory School, recalled: "It was extremely interesting to visit Britain, the mother country of the English language, and to immerse in the history of the Anglo-Saxon linguistic tradition.
Sadiq Al-Mahdi, leader of the largest opposition Umma National Party denounced the attack saying that despite their differences with the regime but they reject any aggression against the mother country.
Fortunately, they're about to be reminded precisely what this means as both mother country and her eldest daughter contemplate celebrating the 400th anniversary in 2020 of the sailing of the Pilgrim Fathers on the Mayflower.