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The other Welshman to represent his country in the competition was Company Sergeant Major Charles William Jones - the only non-officer in the Mother Country squad.
The other Welshman to represent his country was Company Sergeant Major Charles William Jones - the only nonofficer in the Mother Country squad.
Reverse globalization takes place where most of the conditions of the mother country that have facilitated the internationalization of business and production are recreated in another country.
Humanitarian centers define refugees as persons who leave things undone in their mother country, for example stop or postponing the education process.
Every single soldier who fought in World War One volunteered to be there, they volunteered to ght for the Mother Country.
Like many people here, the affable 55- year- old driver too has his roots in India but he considers Bangladesh as his mother country.
We too, as Indians abroad, engage in a continual effort to hark back to our roots, to be one again with the mother country.
Thus, Pravasi Bharatiya Divas is of great importance as it symbolises the struggle for freedom of our mother country, India.
It is also pertinent to note that the youth diaspora is upholding the great traditions and cultural heritage of their mother country India, thereby setting valuable examples for the youth population of their host countries," the minister said.
After getting Louis' associates under his command, Nigel (Adam Godley) it seems had gone back to his mother country England to congratulate Prince Williams and Kate on becoming parents to a baby boy.
Mr Shebani reiterated the Democratic Party's firm stand for the return of Libyan Jews to their mother country.