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The key financial officer of a state, private, or Municipal Corporation, who is charged with certain specific responsibilities related to its financial affairs.



See: caretaker, director, employer, principal, superintendent
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Worldwide Motherboard Shipment Volume by Price Point, 4Q 2012 - 3Q 2014
To take full advantage of the gaming experience, flawless graphics are a must, that is why the GIGABYTE 9 series G1 Gaming motherboards feature optimized support for AMD CrossFire configuration and NVIDIA SLI technology.
Summary: Golden Systems Middle East, a leading distributor of IT products, today announced the availability of Gigabyte Technologies' upcoming 7 series motherboards in the Middle East.
These are primarily ubiquity with their inclusion on a vast majority of motherboards already equipped with ATA in one flavor or another.
STEP 1: Determine if your PC will accept a standard motherboard upgrade.
Architecture of the motherboard is also very important.
GIGABYTE 9 series G1 gaming motherboards were designed to deliver top-notch features that matter most to gamers.
Aspect plans to build customized desktops, servers, and workstations using the ASUS A7V266-E/AA motherboard featuring AMD's Socket A processor interface, a high-performance, stable and reliable platform for commercial customers.
Worldwide Motherboard Shipment Volume by Business Type, 3Q 2010 - 2Q 2012
The report finds that worldwide motherboard shipment volume and value rebounded in the third quarter of 2010, both enjoying sequential growth for the first time since the third quarter of 2009.
The report finds that worldwide motherboard shipment volume dropped both sequentially and year-on-year in the fourth quarter of 2010.