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In the lesson, the President said that the unity of history, traditions, language and culture are one of the columns of a conception 'motherland'.
Besides Pakistan, special Kashmir Hour ceremonies in all small and major towns of Azad Jammu and Kashmir were the hallmark of the Day to reiterate full solidarity with the freedom-loving brethren of Kashmir besides to renew the pledge to continue giving unflinching and fullest support to Kashmiris' struggle for emancipation of the motherland from forced Indian rule.
She further added 'Pakistan is our identity and it's a day to fulfill our commitments to this motherland''and every one of us should own Pakistan and everybody performing his/her duties honestly.
The trollers didn't limit themselves to this but went a step ahead calling him unfaithful to his motherland -- Pakistan.
Cameroonian-born talented entertainer of The Motherland House Concerts partner with Sizije to bring Africa to the world through "The Banin Experience"
'We will have to work together for peace in the motherland,' he added.
While speaking with delegations came from various areas He said, Pashtuns are true patriotic and loves with their motherland.
Some people refer to their country, like Germany, as Fatherland, whereas most people, like the Philippines, refer to their nation as Motherland. Either way, countries are referred to as such based on a person's place of birth, nationality or allegiance.
Speaking on the occasion, the army chief appreciated the contributions and sacrifices of the FF Regiment for the defence of motherland during conventional as well as in war against terrorism.
Lahore -- Speakers at a series of seminars stressed the need to rise above personal differences and forge unity to jointly work for establishment of peace in the society and development of the motherland. The first event of the series titled 'Cultural Diversity and Peace' was organised by the Lahore College for Women University, in collaboration with the Inter-University Consortium for Promotion of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities (IUCPSS) under the Paigham-e-Pakistan initiative of the government of Pakistan.
Showing his love and affection with the motherland, the nuclear scientist said,' I am Pakistan as well as you are.