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A reference by President Nicos Anastasiades' to the negative role played by the motherlands in Cyprus has led to accusations from opposition parties that he equated Greece with Turkey's invasion and occupation.
Anastasiades said it was everyone's mistakes that led to contempt "but at the same time, unfortunately, to a limited extent initially, the motherlands played the worst role; one of them at least, while the other one continued.
It is a matter of motherlands existence and our own existence, he said.
Some Europeans are afraid that if Eastern and Central European countries join the EU, their young people will flood into Western Europe, leaving their motherlands behind.
But some work better than others: Heremakhomun would have been better than I, Tituba, and The Chosen Place, The Timeless People would have been better than Praisesong for the Widow if, indeed, the focus is to be on the writers' relationships with their motherlands, rather than the characters' relationships with them.
Difficult though it may be, the umbilical cord linking Cypriots to their two motherlands needs to be permanently severed before Cyprus can flourish.