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The reference to "the motherliness of woman" indicates how women continued to express their authority in the moralistic language of maternal feminism that had characterized nineteenth-century campaigns for suffrage and temperance, especially when addressing their remarks to other women.
Women's moral vision, compassion, and capacity to nurture came increasingly to be linked to motherliness.
They exploited their perceived religiosity, motherliness, physical weakness, and political innocence for subversive purposes.
None of these essayists has given up on her broader ideas of motherliness and each of them has had to decide how to redirect her caretaking impulses toward a larger world, or more subtle situations than the simple mother-and-child.
The later tradition used Mary, symbol of feminine obedience and motherliness, to push Mary Magdalene, who promotes friendship and sisterhood over the domesticated sexuality of mother, to the background.
The imaginary companion thus plays an important part in Nelly's psychological development: in a playful, performative way, she internalizes her mother's moral principles and judgements, thus gradually constituting her own superego while her rebellious instincts are channeled into a kind of hyperbolic, aggressive motherliness.
Such a hunch is confirmed when we remember that Tantric goddesses, Kali foremost among them, often appear in mystical traditions dominated by the emotional-devotional states of the infant or child, the oft-stated goal of mystically merging with the mother, and a bewildering symbolic complex of motherliness, sexuality, grace, and violence.
In fit of comfy motherliness I decided to do a Nigella on my day off and get baking with the small boy.
indeed comprises a beautiful, orphaned heroine whose (white, English, aristocratic, colorblind) mother died in childbirth; a hateful, intrusive aunt; self-sacrificing fugitive slaves; chivalrous white heroes who embody all the virtues of True Men (as well as the motherliness of True Women
women who in their motherliness anthropomorphize the motherland.
If the motherliness of woman is not so incensed by this war that it causes a mass-rising against the injustices of woman's position,' she argued, `then I don't know from what source we may expect salvation.