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Lamas, 51, had at the time thought it was all motherly love on Sand's part, and did not realise what was going on.
Ann told him: "Try to talk to her about her lack of motherly instincts, have you told her she's none?
She vows to keep the pig as her own and he, in turn, makes friends with some barnyard animals - in particular Charlotte (voiced by Julia Roberts), a motherly spider.
As she sets off on her very first date, it's heart-warming to hear what passes for safe sex advice on the Chatsworth estate as Monica offers some motherly guidance.
But 16-year-old Mas Sura didn't seem to find her height a problem yesterday as she bent to give four-day-old Mas Tika a motherly lick at Malaysia National Zoo in Kuala Lumpur.
The 56-year-old, who played Ma Larkin in the hit ITV drama with Catherine Zeta-Jones and David Jason, constantly turns down "big, motherly woman" roles.