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In a paper published 11 May 2004 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the authors wrote, "This striking multidimensional signature is conserved among disulfide-containing antimicrobial peptides spanning biological kingdoms, and it transcends motifs previously limited to defined peptide subclasses.
Motif is a digital trust and safety services company serving e-commerce marketplaces, online retailers, travel agencies and financial services companies.
The design problem posed to students requires that the motif be changed from identifiable initials to pure design by taking away some of the lines in the overlapping letters, changing colors in the new shapes that are created where two letters cross, forming new shapes from the original positive and negative areas.
The overall results indicate that the carved panels with a floral motif are highly preferred, disregarding their function and placement in a house.
Though the time and speed of transmission of any particular motif across ethnic borders cannot be predicted, the areal distribution of the whole set of A-motifs must reflect cultural links that emerged slowly and existed in the earlier time in comparison to those links that are revealed thanks to the processing of the whole set of B-motifs.
Motif Capital, the wholly-owned investment advisor subsidiary of Motif Investing, and Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS), have said that they have entered into an exclusive agreement to install Motif Capital's thematic indices through structured investments offered by Goldman Sachs.
Yingli and Motif Proje also intend to collaborate on an additional 10 MW pipeline in Turkey, which they expect to complete by the end of 2016.
Placing the essay on the church motif directly after the essays on ancient myth indicates the tacit assumption that the waning of (Christian) religion in the twentieth century finds its corollary in the skeptical and critical readings of Greek heroes and goddesses.
The four motifs "track the S&P with a bit of a twist: they focus on companies that contribute to a cause," Hardeep Walia, founder and CEO of Motif Investing, told ThinkAdvisor.
Motif is a US-based drug discovery and development company focused on developing solutions for the antibiotic crisis.
Ce petit livre, imprime sur papier glace et magnifiquement illustre de planches et de photos, se veut une introduction aux motifs graphiques des societes amerindiennes de la region du fleuve Oyapock, a la frontiere de la Guyane francaise et du Bresil.