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Since FA is known to be present in Ajwa dates as its main ingredient and its role in attenuating oxidative stress is well established, we would like to explore the use of Ajwa dates to improve sperm viability and motility.
DNA fragmentation and decreased motility were seen in all the samples.
As listed in table 1, percentages of sperm count, normal morphology and progressive motility in idiopathic infertility are lower than normospermia but they are higher than subfertile groups.
It protects against oxidative stress and improves sperm motility. (7-9) On the other hand, extracellular ATP (ATPe) acts as a physiologic regulator of sperm function, (10) and it increases sperm cryopreserved velocity.
It has also been shown that leptinemia was positively correlated with abnormal sperm morphology and negatively correlated with the concentration and sperm motility [13, 14].
Significantly higher (P<0.05) individual sperm motility in Sahiwal was recorded as compared to Bahawalpur and it was higher in spring and autumn in Sahiwal.
Here, the impact of tetracycline exposure at different concentration on mf was studied in vitro and loss of mf motility was recorded as drug effectiveness on mf.
However, freeze/thawing process reduces sperm survival and fertilizing ability of cat spermatozoa (Luvoni, 2006; Thiangtum et al., 2009; Terrell et al., 2012), being sperm motility the most sensitive sperm parameter altered due to cryo-damage (Filliers et al., 2008).