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For these vehicles, three unique unstable motion modes have been identified, including the trailer swing (oscillatory instability), jack-knifing, and rollover.
What that means is that the necessary condition to define a certain vehicle motion mode is that the values of [K.
It also captures footage up to Full HD and has a slow motion mode capable of shooting 60fps at 720p or 120fps at 480p.
hipKey comes standard with four features - Alarm Mode, Child Mode, Motion Mode and a 'Find Me' Feature - all of which work to make the user's life easier.
To do this, simply enable motion mode, and place your finger where the D-Pad once was.
It can shoot 1080p footage at 30fps and there's also a slow motion mode which can capture 120fps at 640x480 and 60fps at HD 720p.
The machine can run in both intermittent and continuous motion mode.
The camera also features Slow Motion mode, which lets users shoot HD slo-mo videos.