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Later, the victim's fellow workers saw him lying motionless in his bed and found he was dead.
Throughout the conversation, the man appears motionless and does not respond to the person recording him.
Dan belatedly decides to take a stand against Josh and Jamie, but when he arrives to confront them, he finds Josh lying motionless and bleeding from a head injury.
Acting Senior Swansea Coroner Colin Phillips said in a report to the Swansea Civic Centre inquest: "At the time of the collision, Rhodri was lying motionless on the roadway.
Mick and Linda Carter discover Ollie motionless in his cot
Adel Hassan Al Zaabi said he found the Asian man motionless and floating in the water, about 7km off the Ras Al Khaimah coast.
I saw the white male who had been arguing with the group lying motionless.
This technology can detect even the minute movements of otherwise motionless persons, making it suitable for use in various applications, including advance warnings of health problems.
He continued: "However if the hips and upper body are held motionless while only the knees perform a wide walking motion, the resistance has only one path of dissipation, which is directly opposing (hindering) the muscle contractions that swing the knees.
The 'UFOs' stayed motionless for a few seconds, then flew off at high speed, firing different coloured laser weapons.
mo*tion*less \-l[schwa]s\ adjective <She stood motionless.
A woman stands motionless in the middle of the street.