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But after a while he starts contemplating deeper and bigger questions about ulterior motives and designs: "Are stillness and motionlessness exactly as they seem?
In the dance photos and portraits of Nijinsky, his body seems to vibrate amidst the motionlessness of the photo.
It is not wonder that overcomes and throws man into motionlessness, but it is
Squeezed between the radiator and the stove, skin against the dirty floor, both man and woman notice the table legs from the familiar old corner, the dust gathered in crevices, the spoons under the radiator, the indentations from heels and the sticky stuff accumulated in them, the products of motion and motionlessness, which again begin to signify adventure, head and body swaying as one indivisible being.
Part 1, chapter 1, "The End of the Book and the Beginning of Writing," continues in this prophetic genre by elaborating the new and fuller way of reading suggested in the exergue, a way that expands and deepens -- that liberates -- a "book" (authorial control, unified design, closure, motionlessness, objectivity) into "writing" (plurivocity, awareness of bounding metaphors, reversibility, a book's potential for dislocating itself), which has always been present in books, was and is "always already" ("toujours de ja") at work in language and texts, a reality glimpsed by Rousseau.
Clinton's mind races perpetually while it simultaneously maneuvers itself into a catatonic motionlessness.
Silence and motionlessness are terribly annoying and deadly responses to a speaker.
Rajeh will mingle moments of complete motionlessness and instances of increasingly furious movement.
He is so utterly serene that within and against his motionlessness we become aware of a wealth of other movements--the film's jiggle as it works its way through the projector, our fellow spectators' shadows as they inadvertently walk into the projection beam, the flicker of light from some of the five other projections.
The incapacity to move, on the other hand, is especially intriguing inasmuch as it hints for a single moment at an otherwise never attained, ideal working of the (here practically nonexistent) community, in which motionlessness is not only due to the lack of certain degrees of freedom, as it usually is in Manhattan as a space, but also to that of shared intimacy.
In paternity's always recurring, diachronic fashion, his father's straight jacketed motionlessness threatens to become his own.
In the silence, in the motionlessness, in their determination not to leave, although the prayers were over, I realized something that I did not want to know.