motivated by greed

See: mercenary
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Mr Grant, who donates 10% of the firm's profits to charity, said the expected changes were motivated by greed.
District Judge Michael Fanning said that the case was serious as O'Kane's actions were motivated by greed.
Prosecutors claim that Hayeswas motivated by greed and acted as the "ringmaster" in an enormous fraud to rig the benchmark Libor interest rate.
While millions passionately continue to give their support and hard-earned money to it, many of those at the top seem to be motivated by greed.
Ahighly-paid trader motivated by greed was the "ringmaster" in an enormous fraud to rig benchmark interest rates known as Libor, a court has heard.
Johannesburg, July 03 ( ANI ): Former New Zealand batsman Lou Vincent has revealed that he was motivated by greed, his disappointment at the end of his international career and the feeling that he could not say 'no' to his 'hero' to agree to get involved in match-fixing.
He said it would appear the firm's claims for payments 'were motivated by greed and unprincipled opportunism'.
It is a criminal act, and one which is motivated by greed.
The raid on the Porthmadog haulage yard was "audacious and well-planned" and motivated by greed, he added.
The boy, whose family sat at the back of the court, made a full admission saying he had been motivated by greed.
I appreciate how odd and utterly bizarre that sounds, but this is a result of her addictive personality and not, as most embezzlements are, motivated by greed.