motivated by greed

See: mercenary
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These gangsters who sell don't care, they are just motivated by greed. The political class needs to wake up.
"It's a terrible decision, but I don't believe for a minute they're motivated by greed," she goes on to say.
According to Paul, gambling is bad because it is motivated by greed as gambling institutions make money quickly and accomplish their goal well.
However, in due process some motivated by greed and power had imposed their own culture.
Was his treachery motivated by greed, bitter disappointment with Jesus, or hatred because of disillusionment?
Apropos to the report by Shafqat in your issue dated 19 February: What a tragedy of errors and self inflicted damage motivated by greed of a few, who have managed to destroy Jinnah's vision of the modern democratic welfare state, where every citizen were to enjoy equal rights, to a country ravaged by sectarian divide, giving sanctuary to terrorists of all shades and opinions, destroying the peace and tranquillity of this country.
"Motivated by greed, he terrified this family in their own home - the place you should feel safe.
Nelly has since denied the allegations, and his lawyer said that they were "completely fabricated." "Our initial investigation clearly establishes the allegation is devoid of credibility and is motivated by greed and vindictiveness," he told ( TMZ in a statement.
"Our initial investigation clearly establishes this allegation is devoid of credibility and is motivated by greed and vindictiveness.
A HUSBAND and wife motivated by greed paid for their family holidays using some of the PS47,000 they falsely claimed in benefits, a court heard.
They were "entirely motivated by greed" and their crimes were "ruthlessly executed".