motivating idea

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The motivating idea is that knowledge one acquires by exercising introspective abilities cannot fail to be knowledge about oneself or indexical knowledge.
The motivating idea behind CloudFlow is to open up the power of Cloud Computing for engineering WorkFlows (CloudFlow).
Mind you, post-production jugglery isn't the same thing as a strong, relevant, persuasive and motivating idea.
In 1963, when Ewald von Kleist invited participants to Munich for the first conference, which Americans fondly call the "Wehrkunde" to this day, the motivating idea was to invite our most important allies to a discussion about the major strategic issues directly affecting Germany and NATO.
Its motivating idea, popularised by Hall and Soskice's seminal 2001 book, is that different types of capitalism can be successful and sustainable, even as common global forces bear down on economies.
Finding and motivating developers to the contests in the developer's zone was similar to finding and motivating idea contributors.
As the book moves between elaborate case studies of political philosophies, movements, and systems, and theoretical studies of core concepts, Sartwell aims to take this motivating idea beyond the gloss that all political ideas and values have aesthetic dimensions to challenge the inseparability of political values from aesthetic ones.
Through the coherence of its motivating idea and subsequent execution, Schafer's work earns its keep as concept art.
The motivating idea behind the disconnection was simple: To enhance their ability to fairly report the news, journalists needed to stand apart from their community rather than be participants.
Yes, the resurrection of the title is a pun--never a good motivating idea for a drama.
The motivating idea continues to be the notion that "dollars follow eyeballs," according to chief financial officer Gary Valenzuela.