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It was found that intrinsic motivation of teachers was having strong correlation with academic achievement of the students.
Keywords: Motivation, intrinsic motivation, academic achievement, Secondary School Teacher (SST)
The results show that the overall level of the lecturers' motivation against the use of innovation in TandL at POLIMAS is high (M = 3.
MacRae, an organizational consultant in the Netherlands providing customized psychological tests and reports for improving performance, predicting potential, and developing people, and Furnham, a psychology professor in the UK, offer a guide to fostering motivation and improving performance in the workplace.
Concept of motivation has been defined by different people in different ways.
In sports, motivation does have a key role as it can explain a wide range of things, starting with the reasons why one takes up doing sports and ending with those why one reaches performance and the other doesn't, although same premises/ conditions.
Employee motivation is the level of energy, commitment, and creativity that a company's workers bring to their jobs.
Nevertheless, not much research has been conducted on the relationship between language contact and motivation and their roles in competence of the TL in SA contexts (Dewaele & Regan, 2002; Hernandez, 2010b; Martinsen, 2008).
Material and Methods: This study was conducted during the pre and post workshop sessions in order to explore the teacher's motivation through faculty's perspective at the Army Medical College.
Academic motivation values were obtained with the help of Academic Motivation Scale university form.
The more you want that motivation the more you direct your focus on that thing your motivating yourself for.
Keywords: Motivation, anxiety, foreign language, pedagogy, deutsch, Philippines.