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If other-regarding normative judgments are motivationally inert, that strongly suggests that they are not desires.
2007): "On the Philosophy/ Rhetoric Binaries: Or, Is Habermasian Discourse Motivationally Impotent?
Schwartz and colleagues (Schwartz & Bilsky, 1987, 1990; Schwartz, 1992) proposed an a priori theory of ten motivationally distinct basic values: Universalism, Benevolence, Conformity, Tradition, Security, Power, Hedonism, Achievement, Stimulation, and Self-direction (See Table 1 for definitions).
Any man-machine social interaction requires motivationally evolving social robots which can develop new motivations during its long term interactions (Manzotti and Tagliasco, 2005).
Motivationally, however, Oberg (2011) notes that there was a 'slight preference' (p.
For this reason, new approaches are trying to determine how learners can organize their learning meta-cognitively, motivationally and behaviorally (Zimmerman & Martinez-Pons, 1990).
A motivationally supportive affectsensitive autotutor.
The endocrinology of exclusion: Rejection elicits motivationally tuned changes in progesterone.
I think we're OK because motivationally Carl's got everything to go for now, whereas last time we'd got everything to lose," said McCrack-McCracken.
Moreover, I am very concerned about online education being thrust upon learners, particularly those for whom it is not developmentally, motivationally, and/or technologically appropriate, and with no input or preparation for how to be successful online learners or what to expect from online assignments.
Maintenance of physical activity following an individualized motivationally tailored intervention.
Congress, 2001), and now with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), tacitly holds that the autobiographical and ecological contexts of teachers, students, and by extension their families and their community, are either irrelevant or intellectually or motivationally defective (Hursh, 2007).