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AREA. An enclosed yard or opening in a house; an open place adjoining to a house. 1 Chit. Pr. 176.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The study has proposed that brain areas responsibless for swallowing are activated during the lifting movement of the tongue and quotes the cingulate cortex and the supplementary motor area.
L: left; R: right; Orb: orbitalis; Tri: triangularis; Operc: opercularis; PreC: precentral; SMA: supplementary motor area.
"Broca's complex" includes BA44, BA45, BA46, BA47, mesial BA6 (supplementary motor area; not seen) and extending subcortically toward the basal ganglia and the thalamus (not seen) (according to Ardila et al., 2016b)
fMRI studies of patients after stroke have suggested that VR could increase neural activations in the primary motor areas and improve lateralization of primary sensorimotor cortex (SMC) activity [21-23].
Functional connectivity studies suggest that FoG patients may have significantly stronger connectivity between the PPN and supplementary motor area (SMA) [70], possibly reflecting maladaptive compensatory mechanisms.
reported that, in women with interstitial cystitis, bladder filling is associated with activation of several regions of the brain involved in the pain matrix such as the supplementary motor area, motor and sensory cortex, insula, hippocampus, and middle and posterior cingulate areas [8].
Distribution of the number of NeuN+ cells observed in a 1-mm cortical column in different layers of the motor area. Mice intracerebrally inoculated with rabies virus and their controls.
In the motor area, the OR for postnatal DEs was 13.20 (95% CI: 1.35, 128.80, p = 0.026), whereas postnatal DEs (p = 0.014) and DAPs (p = 0.036) were both associated with increased risk of being developmentally delayed among boys.
As the tumour was sitting near the motor area of the brain, there was a risk that if surgery went wrong, Matthew could end up paralysed down his left side.
The calculated data of motors are given in Table 1 where [P.sub.2] is the net power; n is the rotational speed; [] is the phase current; [P.sub.o] are the winding losses; [P.sub.Fe] are the iron losses; [P.sub.sch] are the losses in the switch circuit; [P.sub.mech] are the mechanical losses; [DELTA]M is the value of torque ripple; [p.sub.t] are the losses per unit of outer lateral surface of the stator core (specific losses--the ratio of total losses in the motor area to the outer lateral surface of the stator core); [W.sub.p] is the number of turns in the phase winding.