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This condition may be similar to calculating the number of motor units using motor unit number estimation, which is also a relative number and not the actual number of motor units.
For example, an increase in Fmedian would occur so long as the effect of motor unit recruitment is not counterbalanced by the accumulation of metabolic by-products.
These innovations are reflected in the following: (a) heavier and lighter weights than the maximum were used; (b) the methodology for determining the force maximum potential and the time for achieving were prescribed, thus improving the programming and training control; (c) each training session was programmed and controlled using the hardware--software system VAC Bioengineering; and (d) the training sessions for the maximal rate of force development, the synchronization and speed of the recruitment of motor units, the maximal force of certain motor unit groups, muscle density, intramuscular coordination, and intermuscular coordination were specially programmed and implemented (1, 2, 7, 16-20).
With regards to the maximal strength training, it is widely suggested that greater increases in this capacity occur at intensities ranging from 85-100% (3), (18), since the recruitment of the greater number of motor units would be possible at these intensities.
During voluntary muscular contractions, the CNS controls muscle force by varying number of motor units recruited, types of motor units recruited (FT vs.
These data are altogether not surprising because of the known differences in motor unit activation between voluntary and electrically induced motor unit recruitment.
And this is probably because of increase in recruitment of motor units and their coordination [10, 14].
Electromyogram power spectra frequencies associated with motor unit recruitment strategies // Journal of Applied Physiology.
Typical repetition rate of muscle motor unit firing is about 7-20HZ, depending on the size of muscle.
The call was received by Eriks at 1pm and the unusual hollow shaft, housed gearbox and motor unit was collected by 2pm.

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