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Talking to reporter at Shah Maqsood Interchange, Member Motorway North Shahid Ihsan said that as per National Highway Authority (NHA) policy, plantation has been declared the integral part
From Monday, June 4, provisional licence holders will be allowed on motorways in England, Scotland and Wales - but must be accompanied by a qualified driving instructor while in a vehicle with dual controls.
5m in today's money - and was finally connected to the rest of the M8 Glasgow inner ring road in 1976 when the Renfrew motorway was completed.
However he said that the Motorway Police was striving to ensure smooth traffic flow on the G T road.
Delays and injuries caused by driver error blight our motorways and with new systems such as smart motorways being widely introduced, it is vital that the level of knowledge and skill among motorway users is improved.
He added that when he was about to leave the Hazara Motorway to enter M 1 near Burhan Interchange, some men in plainclothes manning a makeshift toll collected Rs40 from him for using the Hazara Motorway and gave him a token with no mention of the toll collected.
The motorway will not only reduce distance and travel time but also minimize the frequency of accidents along this very important section.
Similarly, it was informed that the rise in the pay and allowances of Motorway Police is less than that of the Provincial Police.
A law change will mean novice motorists can take lessons on motorways with an approved driving instructor in a dual control car from next year.
Between junctions 23a and 24, the M1 will remain a three lane motorway with a hard shoulder, but will still benefit from the upgraded technology.
ISLAMABAD -- The Motorway Police recovered a stolen and a snatched car on Tuesday and arrested a professional car-lifter.
The price hike is among the biggest complaints from drivers, many of whom only discover the racket when they pull off the motorway.