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The motorway service stations claim that they have to pay high rents even though they are a fraction of than those in London's Oxford Street or Newcastle's Northumberland Street, where the price of the goods is so much lower.
IAM chief executive Simon Best said: "Human erroristhe main contributory factor in 71% of injury crashes on motorways and surveys suggest drivers often lack confidence on motorway use."
Chief executive of the RSA Noel Brett said people need to be aware of the dangers of the motorway network.
The survey showed that fuel was also more expensive at motorway services, with drivers having to pay an average motorway levy of 5.2% for unleaded fuel and 3.4% for diesel.
11-Sanlurfa-Habur Motorway including Diyarbakr linking road (445 kilometers),
Additionally, the North West Motorway Police Group alongside colleagues in the Central Motorway Policing Group will be targeting dangerous and reckless motorists across the entire length of the M6.
RAC Foundation campaign manager Sheila Rainger said: "The key to inter-tribal harmony between different motorway users is better understanding of each other's strengths and limitations.
An international challenge to the proposal is being mounted by Save Europe's Heritage, which points out that the motorway will cause irreparable damage to the ecology and topography of the quiet landscape reticulated by elaborate canal systems that were initiated in Roman times.
Akbar Ayub said the motorway will be completed at a cost of 34 billion rupees.
I see the commencement of the construction of another section of the D3 motorway as a very important step for the whole of South Bohemia.
The counsel for the bikers Baber Sattar during the course of hearing before IHC argued that many countries in the world have allowed heavy bikes on motorways. He pointed out that as per Motorway Ordinance 2000, there is no restriction on the entry of bikes on the motorways.
ISLAMABAD -- Five persons were injured as nine vehicles collided on the M-2 Motorway on Friday morning.