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7) That same year, Pollock recommended that the new inscription draw upon the motto "In God is our trust" in the "Star-Spangled Banner.
Like the Oven motto which is better left in creative ambiguity and like the multiple and competing versions of the raid, an understanding of the families and power structures in Ruby cannot be determined in such a monologic, deterministic, and authoritative way.
1510, some twenty years prior to Boleyn's use of the motto and Wyatt's allusive burden; the lyric is also found in the Henry VIII Manuscript of c.
I said to my wife--quoting, as it happens, a motto I made up for the International Brotherhood of Pants Pressers during some labor strife in the garment trade.
Adopted in the mid 1950s as the nation's motto, "In God We Trust" is an exclusionary "Johnny-come-lately" that is unconstitutional and "turns believers into insiders and non-believers into outsiders," Annie Laurie Gaylor, co-president of Freedom From Religion Foundation, told The Texas Tribune.
They instead backed the city's non-sectarian motto, "Bringing People Together.
Bazinet was referring to the then-present town motto, "Dudley, a Special Place.
But Councilwoman Sherry Marquez, who was elected in April, said she proposed the motto not to promote religion but rather to reflect patriotism.
With 400 years of mining history school pupils and community groups were asked to think of a new motto using only letters from the gates of the town's former colliery.
His motto, AND DREW JOSH, alludes to the fact that other candidates rib him in debates.