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One thing at a time, is my motto -- and just play that thing for all it is worth, even if it's only two pair and a jack.
Even sue mottos have no permanent fans or distracters.
In a multinational effort to raise awareness of the disease, via, six young people with MS from countries as diverse as Tunisia, Portugal, Argentina, India, Russia and the United States, will share their stories and the mottos by which they live.
ABERDEEN'S civic motto is a curiosity, as unlike many medieval Scottish burghs which sported religiousthemed mottos, ours was a French phrase loosely meaning "good agreement".
The protesters, who came from various Lebanese regions, hoisted mottos condemning the decision and asking the government about the transportation fees -rated to be 2% of the overall monthly salary - that had no effect by the decision.
Lynn said he believes these original mottos are more appropriate for America because they unify people and don't divide on the basis of belief about religion.
MOTTOS BANKER can halt the winning Sheffield sequence of Droopys Cristian at seven when the pair clash in a fascinating 8.28 over 500m at the Owlerton track tonight (live on SIS), writes Jonathan Kay.
Five potential mottos emerged and were presented at CORONA for final consideration.
The Daily Post had a sneak preview last night of the 28 mottos created from the words "National Coal Board Sutton Manor Colliery".
Take your choice of mottos: MY, I TORMENT or MY, I'M ROTTEN.
Presented with a list of 10 potential mottos, Times readers chose "No Motto, Please, We're British."
Then there are mottos designed to single us out from people unfortunate enough not to be British.