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PT: I had met Lucio Amelio, who purchased a work for Terrae Motus, his earthquake foundation in Naples.
District Court judge in California ruled in Motus v.
What we in the Asian- and Pacific-American Catholic communities are saying is that we are no longer newcomers," said Cecile Motus, coordinator for ethnic ministries in the U.
Her films include The Piano Lesson and Motus Maestro.
Although clearly a health care product, Motus is marketing the add-on handles in hardware stores because Poetker feels the segregation of health products in specialty shops is coming to an end as the population ages.
Created by the multi award-winning Vox Motus, the National Theatre of Scotland and Tianjin Children's Art Theatre, Dragon wins the hearts of audiences through an extraordinary visual story, featuring fast-moving physical theatre, puppetry and original music.
Table8, CheckMate, and Motus Among New Apps Available on Largest Travel and Expense Platform
10: "Aliquando vero extenditur nomen actionis immanentis ad omnem illam quae in supposito operante manet, et hoc modo omnes motus vitales, et nutritionis et augmentationis, et motus etiam localis animantium, poterunt immanentes appellari; item motus naturalis terrae deorsum tendentis, aut aquae reducentis se ad pristinam frigiditatem.
Mean radial error was calculated as the distance of the ball target impact point to the center of the target and was measured with Peak Motus 9.
80) Like the anger of a good judge, God's anger is "a movement of the mind arising to the restraint of offenses [ira est motus animi ad coercenda peccata insurgentis].
The Beirut Street Festival continues on Thursday and Friday with "In Life C* In the City," from Swiss company Da Motus on Hamra Street at 5 p.
Canon 904 [section]1 reads as follows: "Incepta motus oecumenici in unaquaque Ecclesia sui iuris sedulo provehantur normis specialibus iuris particularis moderante eundem motum Sede Apostolica Romana pro universa Ecclesia.