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Florencia, Ex Typis Successorum Le Monnier, 1889), dice: "Ergo linea nihil est nisi punctus motus, superficies nisi linea mota, corpus nisi superficies mota, et consequenter punctus mobilis est substantia omnium, et punctus manens est totum.
The Beirut Street Festival continues on Thursday and Friday with "In Life C* In the City," from Swiss company Da Motus on Hamra Street at 5 p.
Organised excursions are the best way to see the islands - on the days we tried to go solo, everything was pre-booked - and also the only way to reach the motus, small private islands separated from the mainland by lagoon.
All jumps from all athletes were digitized using Peak Motus 8.
Por otro lado, desde la perspectiva de la entidad de lo material, las investigaciones relativas a la redaccion de la Theoria motus abstracti (acabada entre 1669 y 1670) le llevaron a pensar que la materia es incapaz de acciones reflexivas, que el alma si puede realizar (10).
In Motus, the FDA argued that it would be "misleading" to warn of a possible risk without proof of a causal relationship between the drug and that risk.
44) Important and widely-used terms such as tempus (time), motus (movement), mutatio (change), quies (rest), instans (instant), and punctus (point) look like ordinary nouns; hence people are tempted to search for things behind these nouns, as if they are absolute terms signifying some one thing totally distinct from individual things.
PT: I had met Lucio Amelio, who purchased a work for Terrae Motus, his earthquake foundation in Naples.
Aided by his goggles and Adobe Photoshop, a software program that magnifies and sharpens the letters, he reads the manuscript's heading: Queritur de genere motus corporum (on the movement of glorified bodies).
diuina semel statuit clementia, cursu Pergere perpetuo, quales seruare videmus Illa rotata suos constanter sydera motus (v.
Carole O'Brien's Motus Maestro, the first French-language drama to be made independently in Manitoba, was screened at the World Festival of Short Films in Huy, Belgium; Richard Condie's La salla won Best Animated Short at the Vancouver film fest.