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Sidel is the world record holder for the largest installed base of blow moulders, accounting for more than one out of every two bottles blown.
To set this record, Sidel has relied on its strengths: proven technology for nearly 30 years, the excellent responsiveness of its production teams--90% of blow moulders are delivered within 12 weeks all over the world, about 1,000 experts monitor, maintain and improve the productivity of Sidel machines.
It will also incorporate two new Multitex4 dough moulders.
Arguably the most important indicator of moulder performance is the tiny, scalloped moulder marks left on a freshly moulded piece of wood.
Optimal feed speed is determined by a number of variables including finish required, depth and width of cut, type of material being cut, length of production run or capacity of the moulder.
A PLC system from Dickinsons controls the moulder through all stages of operation, monitoring and matching speed outputs by feedback loops in the PLC.
When I first started out as a moulder operator, I had little knowledge of making knives in the tool room," said Bob Muraida, foreman with Star Moulding of Bedford, Ill.
Weinig's first big break in the United States came when it sold a moulder to Henredon, one of the country's premier residential furniture manufacturers.
There are a wide variety of configurations and option features available to moulder customers, including computerized control-moulders, the availability of stack tooling and computerized template manufacturing.
Moulder manufacturers are continuing to meet the dual challenge of producing more flexible and versatile machines.
The longer a moulder -- or any machine for that matter -- is down, the more money and time that is lost.