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On moulders with belted spindles, cutterhead jointers are required when you want to maintain finish quality at increased feed speeds.
With such factors as just-in-time manufacturing and shorter production runs resulting in more frequent tool changes, the industry is demanding that moulders be able to juggle a wide variety of setups and cutterhead patterns.
These moulders are used by companies like Georgia-Pacific and flooring companies who need a full profiling machine which can produce up to 35,000 feet of moulding in a seven-hour shift," said Tim Sermonet, moulder sales engineer with SCMI.
Although single-knife moulders do not cost as much as jointed moulders, they can still provide attractive profiles, feed speeds, quick setup and ease of operation.
Directly attributing to its success in the last 12 years has been the purchase of five Weinig moulders.
Weinig worked closely with Ferche to design and build moulders that would maintain higher feed rates without sacrificing finish quality," said Ferche.
Benefits of non-CNC moulders include affordability, less complicated design and lower training requirements than CNC equipped moulders.
We find that most of our non-CNC customers are people with older machines that have worn out, first-time moulder buyers, and companies interested in adding moulders to produce value-added mouldings," said Stan Paszkowski, product manager for moulders with SCMI.
All spindle adjustments and locks are in one row along the front of the moulders and short stock feed rollers pivot away from the tool to give access.
offers a mid-range line of moulders with a full range of options and CNC systems.
now offer the Chang Iron Works line of high-production through feed moulders.
offers Bridgewood moulders, including: the BMW-314 planer moulder; the BW 462M four-sided four-spindle moulder with a moulding capacity of 6 in.