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It was claimed that same evening, and returned; but in the interval I had taken a moulding of it, and had a duplicate constructed.
Molding (it's moulding in Great Britain) is a form of finishing work that's a hot ticket this year in decorating magazines - and also home improvement stores, where the wood strips are sold by the foot or in goof-proof kits, according to Holly Frommelt, national decorating consultant for Home Depot stores.
Al Havranek, owner of Old World Mouldings in New York, reports his business has increased 400 percent since the late '90s and a lot of it is in California.
The TandemMould system from Injection Moulding Innovations operates each parting line alternately.
New all-electric models will be displayed by Magic, JSW Plastics Machinery, and Blow Moulding SRL.