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The malformed leaves and flowers become covered with brown or white spots that turn mouldy and rot.
Mouldy Old Dough - the phrase had been adapted from "Vo-Do-De-Oh", a popular, if ludicrous, chorus on 1920s songs - was one of the new line-up's first offerings.
Inspectors found out-of-date food, including a container of mouldy coleslaw, unlabelled salmon steaks which were liquefying and a bowl of dried up 'fresh' whipped cream.
But my mum says it's totally fine to eat stuff when it's a bit mouldy so she never buys anything new.
I have never had any problems before with mouldy cakes, as they are made fresh and not frozen and your cake was made on Thursday.
At a similar store just a few days earlier, I stood with a dozen other people sorting through piles of apples, each of us hoping to find at least a few that weren't mouldy, badly bruised or obviously past their best.
The two work in an abandoned garden to form a golem, a man made of clay--and then Mouldy meets his death.
FRUIT Although raw fruit will eventually go mouldy or ferment, it isn't actually unsafe to eat when it goes off - even if it's unlikely to taste too good
The book's anti-hero, Gordon Comstock, is a failed poet with a rotten attitude toward bourgeois society, working as a clerk in a mouldy used bookshop and cranking out essays of socialist criticism for a Marxist rag called The Antichrist.
Some pieces read partly as underhanded comments on contemporary art, as in Untitled (Totem), a painting whose abstract imagery is accompanied by a helpful diagram indicating that the piece depicts a PRIMITIVE PERSON hurling SPECIAL GOOP with a GIANT SPOON at a MOULDY STUMP.
What is left is a mountain of mouldy and ragged sandbags, saturated with bacteria-filled sand and silt that can cause untold ecological damage to waterways, and can result in massive cleanup bills.
Sorbic Acid will also keep bread fresh for seven days, lengthening the shelf life and therefore reducing the amount of mouldy bread being returned.