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When I last left you, I sat somewhere between Tipsoo Butte and Yankee Mountain on what, to the best of my knowledge, was Lowder Mountain Trail, high above Cougar Lake.
accident occurred when the horse slipped on a slope in Eaton Canyon on a narrow mountain trail, tumbled into a natural ditch and got wedged against a wooden wall put up to halt erosion.
The annual Fall Trek organized by the Lebanon Mountain Trail Association is underway.
Roundtrip hike: From the Alpine Trail to the Tire Mountain Trail is 1.
Within about six months, he found himself in marathon events, running on trails exclusively, with mountain trails the preference, often with Clarice, the family shelter dog.
Carl Rawes has set off on the 2,186-mile US Appalachian Mountain Trail
Today, competitors will complete a mountain trail run taking in steep ascents and descents over a distance of 11km.
The man and boy were exploring a "dangerous, deep, snowy" mountain trail between Bossons and Les Houches, Captain Ribes said.
Irish travel writer Murphy (also known for her advocacy against nuclear power and her writing on race relations) was in her 30s in 1966 when she journeyed alone from the Red Sea through the mountains of Ethiopia on a pack mule, a trip of 1,000 miles of mountain trail, parts of it without maps.
He passed the fourth checkpoint on the mountain trail but did not reach the fifth, race organisers said.
The person I am on the mountain trail is alive in a way that does not exist in the "me" of flatland life.
I will think of it each time I am stumbling down a high mountain trail with a hefty load of elk or mule deer meat in my pack.

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