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MOURNING. This word has several significations. 1. It is the apparel worn at funerals, and for a time afterwards, in order to manifest grief for the death of some one, and to honor his memory. 2. The expenses paid for such apparel.
     2. It has been held in England, that a demand for mourning furnished to the widow and family of the testator, is not a funeral expense. 2 Carr. & P. 207. Vide 14 Ves. 346; 1 Ves. & Bea. 364. See 2 Bell's Comm. 156.

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The nation mourns and joins the families and friends of our fallen heroes in their moment of sorrow,' it added.
At an order by HM the King, the Royal Court mourns late Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.
The failure to mourn power that is crumbling is rampant among the Catholic monarchy.
So, amazingly, blessed are those who mourn, for when we mourn, we are living in Christ, allowing Jesus' life to live through us.
So, as we mourn today, we must also celebrate his life and his message of "being not afraid.
While we can mourn the loss of any child, the mother needed to take responsibility for her son and make sure he was in bed and asleep during those pre-dawn hours.
Bagpipe Brothers: The FDNY Band's True Story Of Tragedy, Mourning, And Recovery is the true story New York City's Emerald Society Bagpipe Band, who used their instruments to mourn in the and show their respect at the funerals for the victims of the 9/11 attacks, including the 343 firefighters who died and those who were unearthed from the rubble at ground zero.
For with each loss that we mourn, we become more complex ourselves, incorporating the other into ourselves, increasing the possibility of recognition of the other both within ourselves and in each other.
Thomas says "Ralph Venning, a 17th-century Puritan, urged believers to mourn over other persons' failings, as well as their own.
Sophie and her older sister Freddie still mourn the death of their little brother from leukemia a few years before.
I will not leave you with, "It just takes time to mourn.
Nonetheless, despite our rejoicing in the spirit and the heart that clearly remains, we mourn, shamelessly, the passing of those trappings and of that bureaucracy.