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But that is not the worst of it," declared the Tiger, mournfully.
This speech--the style of which Newman attributed to Mr Lillyvick's recent association with theatrical characters--not being quite explanatory, Newman looked as if he were about to ask another question, when Mr Lillyvick prevented him by shaking his hand mournfully, and then waving his own.
My pleasantest feeling, all the time that child was expected,' said Mr Kenwigs, mournfully, 'was a thinking, "If it's a boy, as I hope it may be; for I have heard its uncle Lillyvick say again and again he would prefer our having a boy next, if it's a boy, what will his uncle Lillyvick say?
Pollyanna looked at her for a moment with mournfully interested eyes; then she sighed:
And saying these words she glanced at her sister, and seeing that Dolly sat silent, her head mournfully bowed, Kitty, instead of running out of the room as she had meant to do, sat down near the door, and hid her face in her handkerchief.
Everywhere outside this place," he answered, mournfully.
Only his lips moved, and his eyes glowed, went out, blazed again, or stared mournfully.
Kit scratched his head mournfully, in reluctant admission that it did not, and clambering up to the old nail took down the cage and set himself to clean it and to feed the bird.
They can continue gazing mournfully into their navels, pondering the pros and cons of an independent Labour party and what the focus groups would say about a swing to the left or a smidge to the right.
Ella's parents refuse to allow her to join her friends on a camping trip to Bamburgh beach, so she stays mournfully at home.
An eventful week as EastEnders sprouted a whole new green belt and, miraculously, church bells tolled mournfully across Albert Square.
She spends most of her time singing mournfully in her apartment about the man she's missing while Oda Mae gets to have all the fun.