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So, Eliza, my girl," said the husband, mournfully, "bear up, now; and good-by, for I'm going.
Only his lips moved, and his eyes glowed, went out, blazed again, or stared mournfully.
In dying, do they not rather waste away mournfully, rendering unto God, little by little, their existence, as these trees render up shadow after shadow, exhausting their substance unto dissolution?
I can see, in my mind's eye," said he, mournfully, "the goats eating small pieces of my dear comrade, the Tin Woodman, while my soup is being cooked on a bonfire built of the Saw-Horse and Jack Pumpkinhead's body, and Queen Jinjur watches me boil while she feeds the flames with my friend the Scarecrow
You needn't waste your prayers," said Dan mournfully, "Pat is beyond human aid.
And saying these words she glanced at her sister, and seeing that Dolly sat silent, her head mournfully bowed, Kitty, instead of running out of the room as she had meant to do, sat down near the door, and hid her face in her handkerchief.
Garlands of flowers cascade down her pale dress as she gazes mournfully into the distance, with the darkness of the trees closing in around her ghostly form.
Mournfully he pleaded, 'Watoto hawaendi shule, hawana chakula, landlord amefunga nyumba, tunalala nje kwa baridi, sina lakufanya, tafadhali nisaindieni tu, nipatieni kazi tu [my children have dropped out of school, they're hungry, my landlord has locked us out, we're sleeping out in the cold, I don't know what to do, please help me, give me a job'.
In fact as at the last count over seventy farmers including husbands, wives, pregnant women and children were mercilessly massacred and for which the state government mournfully gave a mass burial.
And this season's installment is the most mournfully engaging yet.
As a single piano note pulses into the song "Big Picture," Reid asks mournfully, "Love, what did you do to me?
Louise mournfully sings "hold me now" on psychedelic Where Do You Go.