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And on the outside, while she radiated glamour and poise, she had that downcast mournfulness that she always seemed to carry around her - except for those moments when she was seen with William and Harry, the two children she brought into the world to be second and third in line of succession to the British throne.
Good Heavens, what could be more tragic than that lament" Every note was a sigh, a sob, a groan of awful mournfulness.
Giselle sustains Count Albrecht with her love, and their pas de duex is exquisite in its mournfulness.
What is different in this work is that the sad tone of Tusiani's speculations on human destiny that gave an impression of mournfulness in Gente Mia and deepened the pathos of his verses, gives way, in the trilogy, to what I consider a serene, more joyful tone to his pages while still mindful of the uncertain future awaiting him and all immigrants.
She brings a quiet dignity, widow's mournfulness, banked romantic fires and a streak forged from independence, stubbornness and vulnerability to the role.
There is a different Arendt to remember--not the American made famous by Cold War politics or her searing words about the Eichmann trial and the banality of evil, but the stateless Arendt posing for such an iconic image that we have forgotten the reasons for her mournfulness.
The setting is Japan, recalling the so-called 'J-horror' films that were all the rage in the early 00s ( Ring , The Grudge , Dark Water , all made in Japan and later re-made by Hollywood) and often depended on mournful spirits lurking near the source of their mournfulness.
all he could hear was doves calling mournful as lost souls from some smoky hollow still locked in sleep": this reflects a mournfulness that appears across Gay's writing (47).
There is so much to say about this scene of grieving and how Lillian's love and steady preparation of Eddy's body for his funeral recasts so much of Tom's envy of their relationship--a relationship that evokes incest at other moments of the novel and which is now entirely purged of anything but a deep sense of duty and reverence--and likewise how domestic labour and loss marks the routine mournfulness that infuses Lillian's life.
At the core of their devotion is an attention to the elegance of a line, the specific mournfulness of a faraway whistle.
From her young mournfulness, we see Heather progress to firmly take the reins of her life.
Combined with the minor key of the melody, the overall effect is a sympathetic mournfulness.