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MOURNING. This word has several significations. 1. It is the apparel worn at funerals, and for a time afterwards, in order to manifest grief for the death of some one, and to honor his memory. 2. The expenses paid for such apparel.
     2. It has been held in England, that a demand for mourning furnished to the widow and family of the testator, is not a funeral expense. 2 Carr. & P. 207. Vide 14 Ves. 346; 1 Ves. & Bea. 364. See 2 Bell's Comm. 156.

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Go out, son of Makedama, and bid my children eat and drink if they have the heart, for this mourning is ended.
On the morrow many of the people went back to their homes, having sought leave from the king, others drew away the dead to the place of bones, and yet others were sent out in impis to kill such as had not come to the mourning of the king.
When all had passed, Chaka spoke again to Makedama, my father, bidding him climb down to the bottom of the donga, and thence lift up his voice in mourning.
Mourn, people of the Langeni; let the voice of your mourning beat against the skies and rend them.
The sun would have gone down upon their mourning had not Achilles presently said to Agamemnon, "Son of Atreus, for it is to you that the people will give ear, there is a time to mourn and a time to cease from mourning; bid the people now leave the pyre and set about getting their dinners: we, to whom the dead is dearest, will see to what is wanted here, and let the other princes also stay by me.
Whether Mourning Dove's own status was full-blood or mixed-blood has been a matter of some disagreement in the works of her two biographers, Dexter Fisher and Jay Miller.
LAHORE -- Lawyers' representative bodies have announced to observe a day of mourning on Monday over the demise of Asma Jahangir, renowned human rights activist and former president of Supreme Court Bar Association.
HYDERABAD -- The mourning of the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) and his 72 other companions concluded after culmination of last procession 'Jaloos-e- Chup Tazia' in peaceful manner like other parts of the country on Monday.
By: Nawal Sayed CAIRO - 23 September 2017: Mourning an old man is a sign of humanity, but when the mourning comes from outlawed and terrorist organizations, this gives negative impressions on how influential the late person was to those organizations.
Download Hariri proclaims Friday a day of national mourning NNA - The President of the Council of Ministers Saad Hariri issued an administrative memorandum proclaiming Friday September 8, 2017 a day of national mourning for the martyr soldiers.
Nowadays, I often sit outside drinking my coffee in the morning and listen to the soft cooing sound that the mourning dove makes.
Malacanang released on Tuesday a proclamation calling for days of national mourning for the death of military troops, police officers, and civilians who died in the ongoing Marawi conflict.