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Razer also offers an unfair gaming advantage by allowing users to optimally calibrate their Razer gaming mouse to mouse mat.
The new gaming surfaces provide twice the responsiveness of other mouse mats or gaming surfaces currently available.
A TEAM of volunteers from Unilever's IT headquarters at St David's Park, Ewloe, swapped mouse mats for paintbrushes and went to work refurbishing a Save the Family homeless shelter at Northop Hall.
The winning designs by the youngsters of Glenelg Primary, Ross-shire, will be used on mouse mats to promote the safety message.
Images can also be printed on mouse mats, mugs and t-shirts.
Customers can now buy photo mugs, mouse mats and T-shirts with their own personal message.
We are consistently taking orders for the $150 Virtually Hands Free Mousing (VHF) System and Quill Well Mouse Mats.
Diphenylthiourea is a substance that is used in the production of rubber, including the neoprene rubber that is used in mouse mats, wetsuits, knee protectors and other products with which we have close and frequent contact.
Guns and gunmen also feature prominently on other designs which appear on clothing, mouse mats and other "souvenir" items, including the infamous "Undefeated Army" shirt.
Entitled The Gift Shop, the company aims to personalise products, from mouse mats to mugs and candles with photos or famous sayings and quotes.
99 or you can opt for the mouse mats, tea towels and mugs.
Now a website set up by protesters is selling made-to-order T-shirts, mouse mats and mugs emblazoned with the logo 'Hit It For Six - Just Say No