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To quote the review of the hardcover in KLIATT, May 2002: Headstrong, mouthy 14-year-old Alexandra and her mother have just moved once again.
Even Monday's promising undercard between Lamar Odom and mouthy Gary Payton failed to materialize.
Up to now I've tolerated Jamie Oliver as a refreshing, if mouthy, young chef.
1 Shilton 2 Platt 3 Lineker 4 Rooney 5 Will have to think about this one, not Bramble though 6 Robson 7 That mouthy lad with the diamond earring 8 That mouthy lad who's always getting into trouble 9 The tall lad who sulks a lot 10 That mouthy lad who looks like a goblin 11 Jenas, lovely lad Subs: 12 Shearer 13 Milburn 14 Macdonald
At the same time, for a brief period, the feminist insistence on the political aspects of motherhood found its way; circuitously perhaps, into the mass media via the voices of mouthy TV rooms like Maude, Florida, Ann Romano, and Alice.
Through her hilariously mouthy narrator, Lauren, Valdes-Rodriguez paints fresh portraits that reflect global Latin culture: Puerto Rican material girl Usnavys, named for the ships that docked near her childhood home; Rebecca, the picky-perfect editor who claims Spanish blood; Sarah, the Cuban Martha Stewart look-alike; Amber, the musician finding her Aztec roots.
I note with only limited pleasure that the communications director of the Prime Minister's Office, Francoise Ducros, was caught in the act of being herself the other day in Europe, which is to say, being mouthy and arrogant.
Zippy, the mouthy star of children's TV programme Rainbow, is to front the second ad in Marmite's 100th birthday campaign.
Mouthy Sharpass, who boasts of being the first MP on Twitter (as if that's something to brag about), would rather we didn't mention that he lied about how long he had a second job after becoming an MP.
Oh why do the women all have to be mouthy or shouters and the men foul-mouthed, smutty and unfunny?
Mouthy parents produce undisciplined kids leonarps | I AM all for school uniforms and rules should be followed but in a case like this exceptions should be made.