movable property

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Contract notice: the consultation concerns the realization of the rotating physical inventory of movable property of the university paris-est marne-la-valle and approximation of the physical and accounting inventories.
The subject of the contract is complex repairs, Maintenance and servicing of the specified immovable and movable property used by the slovak post, And.
The above steps apply for both 'present' and 'future' movable property.
Ladhari also said that law will allow small businesses to secure movable property without requiring them to mortgage and to give economic value to that property that can be secured.
She was speaking at a conference entitled "Using Financing Opportunities to secure Movable Property".
TWIA also had requested an approximate 4.5 percent increase, from $374,000 to $391,000, for individually owned movable property located in an apartment unit, residential condominium unit or townhouse unit that is occupied by the owner of that property, and as an extension of coverage, away from those premises, as provided under the policy.
The Minister was of the view that upon the death of an individual, the legal heirs have to languish in courts for years before they are able to obtain Letters of Administration (for immovable property) and Succession Certificates (for movable property).
2929 on physical guarantees of movable property. 5- Draft law in Decree No.
The central pawn registration office administers the automated information system and register of movable property.
Focus: Postconviction Motion Denied Justin Douglas appeals a judgment, entered upon his no-contest pleas, convicting him of burglary of a building or dwelling and theft of movable property with special facts, both counts as party to a crime.
MoF signs cooperation agreement to assign the 'Mortgage of Movable Property' project to Emirates Development Bank
The Ministry of Finance (MoF) has signed a cooperation agreement with Emirates Development Bank (EDB) to create an electronic register to publicise rights related to mortgaging movable property. The agreement aims to provide a legislative environment for companies to pledge their movable properties as security for loans from banks and financial institutions.