movable property

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This bill has been developed by a working group in order to improve the legal and regulatory framework in the field of collateral relationship involving the registration of pledges of movable property and modernization of the unified state register on pledges of movable property.
Capital gains derived by a resident of Cyprus or Norway are not taxable in the country of investment (except gains relating to immovable property, gains from the alienation of movable property of a permanent establishment and gains from the alienation of containers used for transport solely between places within the source state).
But if banks in emerging countries began to accept movable property C a commodity far more common than real estate C as collateral for loans, access to credit would increase and the economic impacts would be transformational.
The encroachers mainly comprising fruit and food vendors besides operators of raw juice machines did not resist their removal, however, most of their movable property including juice machines and push carts were confiscated and deposited with KMC store.
The interest in movable property is also referred to as security interest, pledge or charge.
Al Hamadi said that the UAE is committed to ban trading and smuggling of antiquities, or intellectual or cultural properties in order to prevent violation of the cultural heritage in the form of movable property or artifacts according to the international conventions in this regard.
The decision of the Attorney General had ordered a hold to be placed on the money and all movable property, real estate, cash, stocks, bonds and various securities in the banks and corporations and others owned by the former president and his wife and his two sons, their wives and their under-age children.
In particular, the company submits the data concerning: any amendments/reforms in secured transactions laws or regulations; any reform related to secured transactions and insolvency that is ongoing and is expected to be adopted in the long term; available legal mechanisms for securing a loan with movable property in Belarusian economy; debts and obligations; notification and collateral registry; priority of claims outside of insolvency/bankruptcy; priority rules within insolvency/bankruptcy proceedings; enforcement of security interests; transparency of the registration system of the security interest in Belarusian jurisdiction and others.
This may include art, Judaica, livestock, professional tools, precious metals, precious stones, jewelry, and other movable property.
The most common provisional safeguard applied is seizure of an immovable property of the defendant, or seizure of movable property, money or property rights owned by the defendant and possessed by the defendant or third persons.
According to new legal provisions, all natural and legal persons claiming rights to immovable or movable property can bring a claim before the IPC, provided they submit title deeds or proof of ownership.
In another study by IFC, Yemen ranked 2 out of 10 points on the Strength of Legal Rights Index, which measures effectiveness of regulations on nonpossessory security interests in movable property.