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Presently, according to him, the volume of movable property in Azerbaijan's economic assets is twice the volume of immovable property.
Al Bustani said establishing an electronic register to publicise rights on mortgaging movable property will allow companies and projects to register their movable property as security for loans and provide security rights over immovable property.
The Movables Security Law allowed for the first time non-possessory charges over movable property to exist and introduced collateral registries for movable assets as well as special enforcement of securities.
Any party, who has a legitimate interest on the movable property, may object to the registration before summary courts.
Financial Institutions (Secured Transactions) Bill, 2016 was also introduced in the House to provide for a legal regime for the creation, registration, priority and enforcement of security interests over movable property.
An interagency working group to develop draft regulations in the area of ​​registration of movable property has been created, according to the Ministry.
Under the Act, gift can be given in the form of cash, immovable property (land/building) and movable property (such as securities, jewellery, painting, sculpture, work of art).
It covers the geography, cultural situation, political system, and legal background of the country; the basics of the law of property and trust; immovable and real property, including general classifications, legal interests, limited and security interests, joint ownership, and neighborhood and urban problems; movable and personal property and general classifications, legal interests, and the publicity of movable real rights; the acquisition of property rights, including transfer of property by contract inter vivos and by death, possession, accession, occupancy, expropriation, and acquisition ministerio legis; trust and fiduciary mechanisms, including administration of property and security; and securities in immovable and movable property.
Though still not a perfect legal framework, the B&L Act started to encourage lenders to accept diverse movable property as credit collateral.
In his affidavit filed along with the election form, Jaitely declared movable property worth Rs 38.
Chapters cover basic principles of Indian law, law of contracts, registration of documents, transfer of real property, sale of movable property, negotiable instruments, law of torts, distribution agreement, consumer protection, customs law, import and export procedures, partnership law, society law and company law, trusts, tax law, labor law, and property law.
Imed Trabelsi is to be also tried for other counts in cases under investigation, including the illegal acquisition of real and movable property and money trafficking.