move across

See: cross
References in classic literature ?
In front of me, the open window remained lighted, and I saw no shadow move across it.
Katharine stood where he left her, looking at the window and expecting soon to see a shadow move across it; but she saw nothing; the blinds conveyed nothing; the light was not moved.
Etihad Airport Services Ground will move across to the Midfield Terminal which is due to be opened in 2019.
ENGLISH doctors who have relocated to Wales to live and work have called on other medics to make the move across the Severn Bridge as part of a new promotional video.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian ships and vessels can move across the high seas and no port has banned their arrival, Deputy Head of Iran's Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) Ali Estiri reiterated.
TOBY COLES is shortly to complete a move across Newmarket that will see him rent 15 boxes from William Jarvis at Phantom House on the Fordham Road.
SAMMY MCILROY believes Wayne Rooney could face a tough time if he makes the move across Manchester.
And whilst we are still a long way away from the franchise system which operates in America, a move across town to Stratford for Tottenham would represent the Premier League's first step in this direction.
Nick Allen will move across from his current role as senior regional manager for the beef and lamb levy payers' organisation.
So within the parlance of kinetic design, the "words" are such things as dynamic lines that move across the surface, whether it is from a Fender up an A-pillar and onto the back of the vehicle, or sweeping across a beltline.
People who join First Choice can move across into different departments.