move across

See: cross
References in classic literature ?
In front of me, the open window remained lighted, and I saw no shadow move across it.
Katharine stood where he left her, looking at the window and expecting soon to see a shadow move across it; but she saw nothing; the blinds conveyed nothing; the light was not moved.
'On the forecast track, the center of Dorian will move across the eastern and northeastern Caribbean Sea during the next few days, passing near or south of Puerto Rico on Wednesday, move near or over eastern Hispaniola Wednesday night, and move north of Hispaniola on Thursday.'
'We will move across the country in a bid to push through the development agenda, and tone down the political talks of 2022,' Abuor said.
class="MsoNormalTo move across the EAC, members only need an identity card to move across border.
Summary: It will move across six continents with more than 25 cities
The retail outlet on Holyhead Road is making a move across the city to the Arena Park Shopping Centre on Classic Drive.
Etihad Airport Services Ground will move across to the Midfield Terminal which is due to be opened in 2019.
ENGLISH doctors who have relocated to Wales to live and work have called on other medics to make the move across the Severn Bridge as part of a new promotional video.
Environment Minister Dr Steven Miles said a mobile air monitoring unit would move across Gladstone over the next six months, adding to the region's existing air monitoring network.
"Our cross-screen report is designed to educate the industry on user behavior and how to best reach audiences as they move across screens throughout the day.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian ships and vessels can move across the high seas and no port has banned their arrival, Deputy Head of Iran's Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) Ali Estiri reiterated.