move away

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I made some slight reply, rather indifferent than courteous, and continued to move away.
About three o'clock in the morning, Joe, who was then on watch, at length saw the city move away from beneath his feet.
Then flinging herself upon the uncomfortable sofa she said, "Mademoiselle, I am going to move away from my house on Esplanade Street.
I came round to try and induce Geraldine to have you all move away until the thing's over.
Trains and public transport moving away from the stadium has also been stopped, with pedestrians being told to move away on foot.
PATRICK asks Maxine to move away with him so he can live out his final days in the sun, but not everyone is happy about it.
BAGHDAD / NINA / MP, from Tagyyer Movement (Change), Shirin Raza called on Haider al-Abadi Prime Ministers and the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, to sit at the real negotiating table and move away from sending delegations that did not work to resolve differences and outstanding issues between the two sides.
He noted Acer's need to move away from the conventional business model with which it had once become the world's number two personal computer maker, as stiff rivalry from competitors like Apple in recent years had caused fortunes to slide.
It broke off from the critical Pine Island Glacier last fall and researchers have been watching it move away ever since.
Global Banking News-September 20, 2013--Asian private banking clients move away from bank capital(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
Another model for our move away category, the SmackDown Pro from Trophy Taker is a full capture arrow rest that weighs in at 3.
She said that they gather every Sunday in the yards of the mosque to take a Quran reading class outdoors, and that they were near Al-Magharbeh gate-- the closest to Jewish settlers and the most used by Israeli authorities to lead in settlers and touring groups-- when an Israeli police officer came and asked them to move away from the area.