move away

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I made some slight reply, rather indifferent than courteous, and continued to move away. He coolly planted himself in my path.
And, even as she moved, she felt him move away. The impulse to avoid detection was mutual.
The move away from finance comes amid the government carrying out a major shake-up of the regulation of auditors.
Tiffany is planning to move away EASTENDERS BBC1, 8pm IT'S Bobby's birthday and Kathy and Ian are keen to celebrate, but later at Bobby's party, Ian is concerned by his distracted behaviour.
Summary: New Delhi [India], June 26 (ANI): United States appreciates India efforts to move away from purchasing Iranian and Venezuelan oil imports and will do everything to ensure that it has adequate crude supplies, US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo said on Wednesday.
With the Frenchman linked with a move away from Old Trafford, United bosses would be keen to find his replacement quickly should they sell him for a reported fee of APS150million.
It should be the halfway house as people move away from cigarettes on their path to abstinence.
Indeed, the winger is desperate to secure more playing time, and as a result a permanent move away from the Spanish side is likely this summer.
Pogba was heavily linked with a move away from United during the final few months of Mourinho's reign and Neville believes his agent Mino Raiola will try and manufacture a move away for his client in the future.
Darkness and Light Alex was lost in thought As he walked along the beach Thinking of what might have been If things had turned out differently A lost love, a broken heart Lost in his memories Looking out to sea Unaware of the incoming tide Oblivious to the world around him So deep the loss It was all consuming Driving him to despair The tide lapses against his feet Snapping him back to reality Moving away from the water's edge Awakened to life around him Leaving the beach Alex realises he has to move on Climb out of this pit of despair Move away from the darkness that surrounds him It was not going to be easy In the days ahead the Light had to outshine the Darkness Despair had be pushed back into oblivion Replaced by Hope of a bright future.
YANNICK BOLASIE could face deadline-day disappointment in his search for a move away from Everton.
'If you have a few seconds, you can get under a sturdy table, you can get away from that bookcase, you can move away from hazardous materials, you can move away from the places you are likely to be injured,' says a developer.