move backward

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Having expressed himself thus confidently, he reined his horse backward down the slope which he had ascended, and compelled him in the same manner to move backward through the lists, till he reached the northern extremity, where he remained stationary, in expectation of his antagonist.
All those who put up their structures on the prescribed easement zone will have to move backward," Maclang said Monday morning.
Mbeere North MP Muriuki Njagagua termed the move backward and noted the constitution guarantees everyone freedom of movement and the right to own property in any part of the county.
I hope that like our four supply chain leaders, they are to forge ahead and not move backward.
The first thing to consider is whether thermal expansion can be accommodated by allowing the extruder to move backward, or configuring the downstream equipment to freely move forward.
So the enzymes build upon the lagging strand in a rougher motion, one that is perhaps analogous to boat paddles moving on water: Just as the paddles move ahead, are dipped into the water and then move backward relative to the boat, the enzymes jump ahead on the lagging strand and build backward.
Australia-based ME Bank has said that a recent ratings decision by S&P is a move backward.
But if taken too seriously, it can make us move backward, toward the rear.
It's because I believe that If we don't march forward in an ever-changing world, we will continue to move backward.
This was supposed to be done by both sides, according to the cooperation agreement but we have noticed it is only our forces which keeps moving backward and each time they move backward, the Sudanese armed instead of taking similar steps and move northward, they move further south.
According to the study, during such occurrences the violent movement of the icebergs crashing into the water and pushing away from the front of the glacier actually forces the glacier to reverse direction and move backward for several minutes.
The current design can't move backward," said Alameri.