move forward

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To establish normalized relations between the two countries and open the border would contribute to peace and stability in the region, and we think that is true regardless of other issues -- that it needs to move forward independently of other issues, simply because it is in the interest of the two countries," he said.
While the investors are present as a group, there is leeway for independent partnerships, as individual investors can choose to move forward with an entrepreneur if a presentation grabbed their interest.
Your drug is nicely active against HIV in the test tube and didn't raise any worries in tests in mice and dogs, so it's time to move forward.
The report encourages NARA to move forward with a careful, modular procurement plan, starting with many small pilot programs to address focused aspects of the overall problem and then pulling together the pieces in the future.
Push off vigorously you should not move forward at a fast rate.
As our young people move forward from high school to college or careers, we adults must move forward in our thinking.
To mitigate these concerns, the team also worked with the City and its Olympic venue consultants to develop alternatives to safeguard the City's bid in the event that the team's plans at Candlestick Point did not move forward.
The panel's 7-1 vote to let legislation move forward that would reshape the Los Angeles Unified School District came after more than 2 1/2 hours of impassioned testimony, including statements from dozens of parents opposed to the plan and bused to Sacramento by the district.
Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way" always gives me the motivation to move forward and accomplish something.
We are thrilled about the appointment and are looking forward to excellerating our progress as we move forward.
In his early statements Rodriguez betrays Huerta's optimism that the union will indeed move forward.
The 49ers also worked with the City on alternative venue options to safeguard its bid if the team decided not to move forward with the proposed new stadium.