move forward

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He said that a meeting will also be held with IMF chief Christine Lagarde while Islamabad wanted to move forward with International Monetary Fund (IMF) but also seeking conditions not to increase burden on the nationals.
"There might be some differences in terms of how we're going to move forward," said Miller.
She said 'It is high time that we should move forward to UN and present conflict resolution model and push India on defensive on issue of violation of rights of women and children.'
The government should be given time so that it could move forward after due consideration and appraisal of the circumstances and events.'
Afridi urged the media, opposition and the entire nation to support Khan so the country could move forward.
But while he objected to the controversial video, Densing said people should now 'move forward'.
"We want to move forward. You want to move forward, you have to be realistic.
'Pakistan will move forward when we will work hard.
General Overseer of the Signs and Wonders Prayer Ministries Evangelical for All Nations, Lagos, Evangelist Felix Adunpe, has said that Nigeria is still wallowing under demonic powers following hosting of FESTAC '77, insisting that the country needed deliverance from such self-imposed bondage to move forward and not periodic change in government.
It's about someone having belief in the club and the way it is being run as we move forward and normalise operations."
THE first thing you have to do is tell him that you know, otherwise you can't ever move forward. You can't just sweep this under the carpet and hope it goes away - every time he goes out or is acting strangely, you'll suspect him or it'll all explode in a massive row.
Lawmakers took their seats in parliament, a parliamentary majority was declared and we believe it isn't in keeping with the democratic principles and the Constitution to not let the process of government formation move forward. It depends on your leaders and your people how they move forward but this is crucial for Macedonia's integration into NATO and the European Union as the European Council president said yesterday, Baily said.