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To make an application to a court for a rule or order, or to take action in any matter. The term comprehends all things necessary to be done by a litigant to obtain an order of the court directing the relief sought. To propose a resolution, or recommend action in a deliberative body. To pass over; to be transferred, as when the consideration of a contract is said to move from one party to the other. To occasion; to contribute to; to tend or lead to.

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v. to make a motion in court applying for a court order or judgment. (See: motion, movant)

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When most of us move house, we don't think to find out which company provides the line.
When people move house they are literally walking away from their money and, without a current address, financial providers cannot stay in touch with their customers.
In a victim impact statement, Mr Welsh said Ritson's abuse had left him "living in fear" and forced him to move house.
Entitled 'How to move house successfully in a property market downturn', the Haynes manual is divided into separate parts devoted exclusively to buying and selling.
A survey by removal firm Pickfords says twice as many people in the UK move house in August than January.
Since when has it been any of its business where, and how often, we move house? This tracking of the movements of private citizens smacks of the old days of Sovietstyle snooping at its worst.
Just one per cent said they would move house if the housing market was stabilising.
The 24-year-old, of Wideopen, Newcastle, was delighted when he heard he had won and hopes to use his winnings to help him move house.
As Tomas says: "It's a pain in the neck to move house and the process has been tedious and long."
The rising age of first-time buyers, combined with high property prices making people more likely to start a new mortgage term when they move house, suggests increasing numbers of people will still be facing mortgage repayments when they give up work.
To accommodate people who move house regularly, there is an option to make a one-off lifetime payment of pounds 10, covering all future house moves.
New home housebuilder, Westbury helps over 700 people move house each year in Wales and has some useful tips for pet owners about to move.