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On this track, the core of the extremely dangerous Hurricane Dorian will continue to move over Great Abaco and move near or over Grand Bahama Island on Sunday night and into Monday.
Straddle had implied move near $9, or 11.6%, at the time, which would have made the trade relatively breakeven, but with today's decline nearly doubling that estimate, the put buyer is looking at gains of $10 in the 70s, and $15 in the 80s- totaling $6.7M on the $1.8M outlay.
Why should an Igbo presidential candidate not be able to even move near these issues?
Last July the court heard Mrs Mhic Mhathuna was to move near Dublin where she was receiving medical treatment.
NOAA said the center of Florence is expected to approach the coasts of North and South Carolina on Thursday, then move near or over the coast of southern North Carolina and eastern South Carolina in the hurricane warning area on Thursday night and Friday.
'The four principals were in the cold together but I am disappointed after getting a small meal from Uhuru, Raila now does not want any of the NASA principals to move near him,' Kuttuny said.
The jet stream is set to move near the UK tomorrow, carrying turbulent weather as it spears across the Atlantic.
The eye of Irma should move over the Lower Florida Keys this morning, then move near or over the southwestern coast of the Florida Peninsula later today through tonight.
The eye of Irma is expected to move near or over the west coast of the Florida Peninsula through Monday morning and then move inland over northern Florida and southwest Georgia Monday afternoon.
The hurricane agency says the eye of Irma - the strongest part of the storm - should move near or over the west coast of Florida through Monday morning.
"It's not time to get on a surfboard." The storm's centre was expected to move near the northern Leeward Islands late yesterday.
Mohamed El-Aasar, head of the technical analysis department at Watany Capital Securities, said that the market will move near 14,000 points this week, thanks to the purchases of foreign institutions.