move off

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I think there should be a signal of an audible sound to let the passengers know the bus is about to move off.
They'll have to be convinced to move off to something else.
Art," she said in a 1989 Regent's Lecture at the University of California, San Diego, "makes us move off our comfortable center, to see, hear and think anew.
Building on the company's 3D Visible Enterprise initiative and its Blueprinting methodology, Unisys is enabling large enterprises with complex computing environments to move off Unix/RISC platforms, such as Sun Solaris.
The Bell Strip system is able to displace birds by giving them a powerful, yet non lethal, shock upon landing on the electric device--causing the bird to be uncomfortable enough that it is forced to move off of the building.
When offenses run the traditional 999 horizontal deep stretch, the QB's are taught to read the safeties and throw to the receiver who is most open once the safeties move off the hash.
The relatively small wheels make them delicate to move off the ship, down the ramps and into an area set aside in the port where they are reassembled and flown into the desert.
Oliver did his home work and thought La Bella Dama would move off the fence rounding the turn.
The discharge unit mounts on a slide plate so it can move off the machine throat for quick access and clean-out.
But much more interesting is the great commitment to the job market made by poor people forced to move off the welfare rolls.
Falwell and Buchanan decided to move off "film criticism" after I pointed out that Falwell has been profiting considerably by selling a video called "The Clinton Chronicles" that -- without any evidence -- accused Bill Clinton of being involved in multiple murders and drug-rings.